Go daddy is an internet domain registrar and a web hosting firm which is located in Arizona, having a total number of 18.5 million users. The company simply provides web services wherein most websites are registered. Apart from that it also provides clients with personal websites. You may explore GoDaddy tools in the browser of your android too. It is ready for installation on the google app play store. Apart from all that the company has a big name in the market and offers tough competition to the peers. Now if your area is not yet registered to the company and if you are willing to do so then you may have to follow the steps so as for going daddy webmail login in the browser, make sure you give it a good read and don’t miss out on any information so as to cause confusion in near future. The steps areas:

Login Into Godaddy Webmail in Web Browser

1. Hit on the applications tab which is on your android device on the home screen and select the “Internet” button so as to launch the web browsing application.

2. Select the address bar and mention the GoDaddy URL so as to login and click on the “enter” tab.

3. Select on the option that reads out as “remember me” . Now this is purely done so as to save the credentials in the browser.

4. Mention your GoDaddy email address afterward along with the password and hit on the login option. Having done that your GoDaddy webmail will automatically open on your screen.

Login Into Godaddy Webmail in Mobile

But instead of using the browser you are using mobile for go daddy email login, then the steps would slightly change. Now, these are somewhere different so give them a good read too :

1. Click on the application option on the home screen of your android so as to open the applications menu bar.

2. Select the play store button so as to launch the google play service.

3. Click on the application icon and hit on the “search icon afterward”.

4. Mention GoDaddy in the search tab. By the time you mention that the GoDaddy profile appears and you are only supposed to hit the GoDaddy mobile entry afterward so as to open the screen which has your details.

5. Click on the install button and hit on the “accept to authorize app permission tab”. You will see the app download and will be automatically installed in your android device.

6. Hit on the “open tab” so as to launch the GoDaddy on your mobile phone.

7. Mention your GoDaddy email address and the passwords thereafter in the given box and simply click on the button that reads out as “keep me logged in “. This step is done so as to save the credentials.

8. Click on the “access your account tab “ or the “go” option . Simply select based on the option which is available. Afterward, you would notice that your GoDaddy inbox has finally opened on your mobile phone. 

Login Into Godaddy Webmail in Android App

Another set of totally different steps if you wish to access the godaddy.com email login :

1. Hit on the “email icon “firstly which is on the home screen or might be on the application menu . This is purely done so as to launch the service on your device.

2. Hit the “menu “option and select “accounts” thereafter.

3. Select the “menu “option and “add accounts” further . As soon as you do that you will notice that a new account will open.

4. Mention your GoDaddy email id along with the password and hit on the “next “button.

5. Select the “IMAP” tab if you have enabled the IMAP settings or else go for “POP3”.

6. Mention your GoDaddy email address right away.

7. Afterwards mention imap.secureserver.net under the incoming server tab along with 143 in the port field accordingly. And simply hit on the ‘next tab’.

8. Whereas if you are using POP3 then mention popsecureserver.net under the incoming server field along with 110 in the port field.

9. Afterwards enter smtpout.secureserver.net under the tab of “outgoing server field” and mention 80 under the tab of port field.

10. Click on the “sign-in check box” and mention your credentials once again that includes your email address and password.

11. Mention the name you would want in the account name box option and select “done”. With this, your GoDaddy email account is successfully configured on your device.

12. Apart from that make sure you don’t leak out your personal information such as the password for GoDaddy secure login. It is advisable to keep strong passwords that include characters and numbers along with the alphabets.

Did you know what a GoDaddy webmail is? Well, it’s a two-way process wherein one can send and receive emails from any web browser rather than the email client. Wherein each email is automatically restored in the servers and you must know that those servers can relate to anyone be it an email provider or an internet service provider by the name Comcast or can be web hosting provider by the name “go daddy”. There are certain ways for GoDaddy webmail login, you may do so by simply linking your GoDaddy webmail account with any domains you have on your device. Apart from that you may also download and install the application from the play store. But if by any chance you cannot log in to the service then try resetting your password and switch to two-step authentications, just make sure you have enabled it. Apart from that make sure you have logged in using the correct and verified site.

This is all you need to know about the GoDaddy email service, make sure you give it a good read and don’t miss out on any information. Everything has been mentioned so far. In case of any issue feel free to reach us anytime.

By Anurag Rathod

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