Insights of a Log Splitter Machine

log splitter machine

Woods are robust especially when you carve them freshly out of their roots, their cutting for different procedures is necessary, now this job is tough with an axe. Dropping that old-school muscle requiring technique, mechanical advancements has given us log splitters. The log splitter is an engine-based machine that cuts the wood (soft or hard) into pieces.

Why Log Splitters are Important?

They cut off the wood and are good in creating a fine edged/detailed wood-logs. The applications are such as firearms, furniture and building houses. A splitter increase productivity and helps in better utilizing your time by eliminating the hustle.

·         The working is much faster than typically working with an axe.

·         The accuracy is efficiently increased.

·         You can get same shaped and sized logs.

·         Minimal risk of getting injured. 

Here, we will guide you about different features and structures.

Different Parts of Log Splitter

Different parts of the log splitter allow you to put on your cutting jobs thoroughly, acknowledging will help you cover different needs. The maintenance and the servicing will be much easier.


Dividing capacity of the log splitter depends on the power of the hydraulic pump, RAM splitting force and total house powers needed to cut the log. To cut larger and harder logs you need to choose the log splitter with great power. Similarly, for the greater power, much robust motor is required.

Log Length/Diameter Splitting Range

·         Log splitter with larger length and diameter cut the log with large sizes easily and efficiently.

·         Fast cycle time to work faster and quickly so that more logs could be cut down in small time.

·         Steel used for log splitter should be durable and made with good quality steel construction.

Hydraulic Pump

Much of the models are persistently operates on hydraulic pumps. It enables greater power as compared to mechanical levers. The hydraulic pump puts pressure and send the log into ram which afterwards cuts the log into pieces.


The valve of the log splitter is used to control the pressure and used to send the wood into ram by the hydraulic pump. While picking if we will consider the amount size and age of the wood we are going to split, it will be easy for us to choose the best log splitter.

Choosing the Best Log Splitter

Acknowledging different sorts of log splitter depending on the power and engine efficiency will help you recognize the best model according to your work requirement. Based on the mechanism of working and potential capacity the discussed sorts are;

·         7-Ton Compact Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return

·         Electric Log Splitter 7 Ton

·         6 ton Electric Log Splitter

·         6.5 ton Electric Log Splitter

·         10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

7-Ton Compact Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return

It work smoothly with 196cc powerful engine. This splitter has great compact storage and efficient and easy working—can be reset with time.


·         It is efficient with powerful working.

·         It is easy to handle.


·         Its compact structure makes it difficult to operate.

On the parallel side, our experts have researched out the convenient models as per according to the selective needs that are;

·         Best Log Splitters Under $1000

Electric Log Splitter 7 Ton

This is electric log splitter of 7 ton having power of 2 HP.It one handedly used to cut short logs.Side rails provides stability to the log splitter and 4 way splitter to work faster than can be used indoor and outdoor.


·         It is powerful.

·         Much stable than most of the other models.

·         Convenient to handle.


·         It can be waver.

·         Can be unnecessarily low to the ground.

6 Ton Electric Log Splitter

It is electric log splitter of 6 ton having 1.75 HP has compact storage with easy working and handling with automatic return having sturdy combination of frame.Its length is 10 inches.


·         It has automatic return.

·         It is very compact and easy to handle.


·         The posture is lower to the ground, thus might cause distortion for a regular user.

6.5 Ton Electric Log Splitter

This log splitter is of 6.5 ton and having length of 34 inches. It is used for the easy loading and unloading of the log. It work quickly and easily.


·         Much sturdy.

·         Quick to use.

·         It can move both to sides.

·         Works at heights.

·         More Compact

·         Easy to Handle.


·         Needs two people for loading and unloading of the log.

·         Wheels are shaky while using

10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

This log splitter is of size 10 ton of 18 inches.It is most convenient to use and very easy to move having a compact structureand storage.easy to handle and save time because it works very quick and faster.


·         Convenient to use.

·         Reset time to work quickly.

·         Force depends on every cut of the log.

·         Little labor equals a massive amount of force.


·         Very tightly fitted.

How to Maintain You Log Splitter

The discussion falls on the maintaining your log splitter. For the purpose, follow these rekindling and easy steps that will help to increase the life expectancy. The steps are;

·         Check for any leakage in the hydraulics.

·         Maintain the hydraulic fluid level keenly.

·         Remove any air from the hydraulic cylinder.

·         Clean the log splitter routinely or as per usage.

·         Lubricate the moving parts properly.

·         When you have used the splitter, store it in a dry place.

·         Don’t let it soak in the rain as it will create rust.

·         Change the hydraulic oil as when you have noticed subtle distortions in operativity.

These tips are important to rekindle for the finest performance of a log splitter. Not only it will help to perform robust but will increase the efficiency for a much longer thus maintaining a worthy resale value as well.


Whether it is you need to cozy up with your family in front of the fireplace or built some furniture from wood—you need to cut the logs in manageable piece, but ass for this task, it requires hard muscle tension to be done greatly. Reducing this effort efficiently, any of the best log splitter under $1000 will help you to do the job. This is where we save you. Now, selecting the most convenient model according to your situation needs basic to technical points—why would that? It all depends on the application you are willing to go for, as if you are not some professional and just need it for some hobby then a household model will be convenient for you. On the contrary side, if you operate on a commercial scale then going for heavy model like 10 Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter will help you efficiently.

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