Is It Simple to Become a Loan DSA Agent in India? Learn Today!

Loan DSA Agent

One of the primary day-to-day responsibilities of DSA loan agents is to get the consumers looking for a loan in touch with their respective lenders. They need to ensure that everything is managed smoothly under their guidance. 

They have to check that the documents provided by the consumers are authentic. They need to go through all the fundamental analyses to ensure that the consumers are sticking with the loan guidelines.

When you apply for a dsa loan partnerprogram, it is expected that you carry out all your functions efficiently. All in all, you would be responsible for looking after the money lending process.

What is the Role of Loan DSA Agents?

  • As a Loan DSA Agent, you would have flexible working hours. Your target would be to get loan leads by selling personal loans, home loans, business loans, etc.
  • You would have to get the essential documents from the loan-seeking consumers and make sure they are genuine.
  • You would be required to follow a strict format when you submit the loan application. The request then has to be sent to the NBFC or the bank you are working for.
  • In other words, you have to guide the bank as well as the consumers until the completion of the procedure.

Eligibility for a Loan DSA Agent

You do not need an academic degree if you want to be a Loan DSA Agent. Since you get the benefit of flexible working hours, you can take up this job alongside your main job or business. All you need to have is a passion for the role.

Registration Process Required for a Loan DSA Agent

Each bank has set up a process for appointing DSA Agents. You have to go through it if you are interested in this job.

  • First of all, you need to register yourself.
  • Get the application form for DSA from the website of the bank you are interested in and fill it out. Submit it once done.
  • You would then be required to submit the necessary documents.
  • They have a legal team that would then check your documents and credit history.
  • After the verification is done, they may ask you to go through an interview.
  • Finally, once you sign the agreement, you would be issued a license or a DSA code.
  • You would have to pay extra attention to the application format of the bank while making submissions.
  • However, the bank will give you a training manual or organize a training program to get you acquainted with your job.


The best thing about becoming a Loan DSA Agent is that you get to work at your convenience as there is no fixed schedule. Moreover, you don’t have to invest anything as such. If you want to work for an organization, you can apply for the job in Finway, a loan dsa franchise.  You have to complete the registration process, and if you are deemed fit, you may end up landing the job.