I’ll be very frank. Here, nearly every month, I love Kabini and I skip the city for a getaway. And while I’m very qualified to share in this jungle area material, I’m warning – it’s pretty expensive. However, since the majority throw a safari or two into all meals and walks along with nature, I believe it’s worth it away from the chaos of city life for that time. Plus, you can’t really price it if the tigers star in your pictures, yes? Go now to Kabini and pack your bags.

The Bison

The Bison lies on the boundary between the National Parks of Bandipur and Nagarhole. The prices here are steep, but it doesn’t matter, whether you live in a luxurious tent or shacky machans. They have safaris that ensure you sightings of gaurs, horses, and elephants, and if you’re lucky, you too will savor. Register for the night safari, at the same time it is intimidating and magical.

The Serai

Located in the village of Karapura, each of The Serai’s Swish cottages is built to have a unique view of the Kabini River. This means splendid sunsets and the sparkling water and birds waking up. It’s a superb luxury, and after a spa massage, you’ll be in dreamland. Around the property are some beautiful wooden buildings, where you can sit and take in the great outdoors. Or go down on one knee and give the other one!

Orange County

Jacuzzi huts come with an outdoor bubble bath, but we love the swimming huts. If you have lounged in your bed, you can find the safaris Coracle, Boat, and Jeep. We really like the relaxed walks in nature that give us birds, insects, and water animals. As always, however, keep leopard and tigers crossing your fingers. Located next to Nagarhole National Park’s quiet wilderness, there’s a dreamy infinity swimming pool on the riverside, and if you go on an ayurvedic massage, go to the spa.


Check-in here and check what they call eco-luxury (the first private lodge at Nagarhole National Park). I love the place to combine the charm of the open air with the luxurious comforts of infinite lakes, lions, elephants, and four-poster beds. Bloody Mary’s favorite activities go to the ATV and explore the jungles and the banks of the river, aside from starting at sunsets on the poolside. The best adventure!

Kabini River Lodge

Oh, there’s nothing really like a house in the nature parks of the Jungle Lodges & Resorts. You might not be too lavish, but you definitely set the right tone for a safari holiday. River cottages, a Gol Ghar where people get together with other visitors and share their sights and homely meals to keep your baby cheerful – this resort is nice in every way. Moreover, it is situated in the National Park of Nagarhole. For a feeling of jungle, take a ride along the river, or maybe a ride will rejuvenate you, your mind, your body, and your soul (hah, too dramatic?). Take the crew for real-time because there are dormitories, too.

Kaav Safari Lodge

Kaav safari lodge on the border of the lush Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary, which cuts you out of civilization. Cottages are provided with private decks for you to relax. Or choose tents if you feel like camping out. The itinerary they include includes cycling, nature walks, and coracle trips. In addition, in the natural biosphere center, bird watching. Make it a two-night stay, so that one day you can actively use the second one to relax and to splash in the sun.

Kabini Lake View

Located on the south bank of the Nagarhole National Park, cottages are almost as home, plain and free of snacks. But if so much can be done to explore who would lurk in a room, eh? Start walking, safaris, coracle, and bird watching before heading for sumptuous local food. 

The Peepal Tree

A little like Neverland (Peter Pan, remember?), the Peepal Tree is a home with a choice of 22 cottages — with a view of the Kabini waters. If you’ve finished swim, basketball, football, and cricket in the waters, schedule a day of fishing, trekking, biking, or even more into the wild. Sit down at night to look at a star. I think it’s nearly therapeutic.

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