Complete list of SEO audit tools for websites health checkup

SEO audit tools

Seo audit means the process which helps in identifying the strength and weakness of a particular website. It is also helpful in knowing which things are not good for the website thereby boosting the SEO ranking of the website. With growing advancement in technology and everything going online, SEO has become very important be it Seo for doctors or teachers.

Many search engine optimization tools are available in the market out of which some are free handsome are paid. These SEO audit tools will help you understand everything about your website, its working conditions, defects, and backlogs.

Here are some of the best SEO audit tools for checking your website health and speed:-

1. Woorank

This one tops the list as it is currently one of the best SEO audit tools to know about the website condition. This website is also very helpful for the website owners as it makes the overall process very easy giving all the relevant details about the broken links, on the page, and off the page Seo.

Through work, one can also get the audit report in a pdf format who is also very helpful and handy. This tool is available in both the free and paid versions. The reports shown by the works are very easy to catch for the none professionals too.


When we are talking about SEO audit tools, semrush is one of those SEO audit tools which cannot be missed. This tool was declared as one of the most reliable and efficient tools which are being used by people of the industries for more than 5 years now. According to the report, the tool has been used by more than 5 million people.

Semrush provides in-depth scanning and also helps to scan the website most efficiently. In this tool, a paid feature called o plan is also available where you will get many other features. One can also avail of the 30days trial pack for free.

Some special features of semrush:-

• Helps you to compare the performance of the website with that of your competitor’s website.

• Assist you in proper researching of your keywords

• Gives you recommendations on how well you can increase the reach of your website organically.


Spyfu is another successful seo audit tool for getting knowledge about your contender’s bits of knowledge and you can notice all your rival’s movement.

It is helpful for the SEO undertakings and web proprietors for doing internet promoting, digital marketing, and other actions.

At the point when we put in a URL in SpyFu landing page, we will get every one of the bits of knowledge of the site and its rivals, for instance, we get to know about the keywords they use, backlinks, number of searches, and many other things as well.

4.Seo Audit Hubspot website grader

Experts work in a manner to increase the traffic and qualified leads using their organization’s site. This is the reason why it is significant for the promoters to see precisely how they can deal to improve the effect and SEO of that site.

With help of HubSpot’s Website Grader, one just needs to enter the URL of the site and you’ll consequently the Report Card with noteworthy bits of knowledge about your SEO practice and website.

5.Screaming Frog

Screaming frog is a work area program and an SEO audit tool instrument for investigating the whole website. It is an affordable and very easy-to-use SEO tool.

This SEO tool gives a helpful report of knowledge about the SEO issues of the site by creeping the whole site. With the assistance of this SEO audit tool, we can look at different boundaries, for example, site links, off-the-page links, meta tags, anchor text, security, broken connections, reaction time, ALT labels, and many others. Screaming frog also gives you free access to its SEO tools for up to 500 URL checks. It however works best with its premium features.

6. Page Optimizer pro

Page optimizer pro is another type of Seo audit tool which will help you to compare your website performance with that of your competitor’s page. These seo audit tools focus mainly on keywords, tags, headings, subheadings, bullets used, images, and other things. It gives recommendations on these above-mentioned things. Also, page optimizer pro is very easy to use and very affordable.


So these were some of the best seo tools for the website. With the help of these above-mentioned seo tools, one can improve the working of their website. Search Engine Optimization is one of that practice which was relevant in the past and will be the same in the future. One can change their seo ranking with such helpful Seo audit tools. You can also try out other seo tools and AIS Technolabs Pvt ltd companies which deal with seo related work.

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