List of Affordable Personal Trainers in Dubai

Do you have an aim for body transformation? If so, getting in touch with a professional fitness coach is essential. Professional trainers have the necessary fitness qualification & experience to tone your body. However, finding affordable personal trainers in Dubai might be challenging for you. Agonize not! We have something interesting for you in a better way. 

Everybody around us who lives even in a posh life looks for cheap and the best. You don’t need to compromise on getting the best available near you with the best right. Even nowadays, people in Dubai are concerned about their fitness. The growth rate of Diabetes and cholesterol, and heart disease make a reminder to force people to get fit. They’re also looking for a Cheap personal trainer in Dubai to get the best.

Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Personal Trainer

affordable personal trainers

Before mentioning the best and most affordable personal trainer in Dubai, here is why you need to hire a fitness trainer. 


Many of us have the drive and motivation to achieve a lean body, but we have no idea where to start. It results in performing exercises with improper techniques. Therefore, it is essential to hire a personal trainer in Dubai at home for maximum results.


The most challenging part of the fitness journey is motivation. Numerous things distract you from getting a good workout. Hiring a fitness coach will motivate you and push you through challenging workouts.

Realistic Goals:

A Goal Without A Plan Is A Dream!  Personal trainers are great about assessing your fitness level and collaborating with you to set a goal that is attainable in a time frame and map out how you can reach that goal. 

Affordable Personal Fitness Trainer Dubai

Personal trainers in Dubai can help you achieve your fitness and wellness goals. Whether you are just trying to lose a few pounds or looking become a lean, mean muscle machine, here are some of the best personal trainers in Dubai you can reach out to. 

Angela Tizon Ambrosio

Angela is a certified fitness professional with more than ten years of experience in the fitness industry. Some top certificates that can showcase the abilities of Angela are:

  • Certified Strong by Zumba Instructor
  • Certified Pro Pound Instructor
  • Strength and Condition Instructor
  • Certified Group Class Instructor
  • Certified Weight Lifting
  • Bodybuilding instructor

Anja Mioc

Anja is a Serbian fitness expert with experience of more than 6 years. The primary goal of Anja is to help their client to achieve their fitness goals. She is highly educated and professional with a sports background. 

Some top certifications of Anja include:

  • Certified personal trainer- Level 3
  • Swimming instructor
  • Nutrition coach
  • Strength & mobility coach
  • Boxing instructor

Caroline Silva

Silva is highly professional and has been helping clients in Dubai accomplish their fitness goals for more than a decade now. She is an expert in HIIT training, strength & bodyweight training, and cardio training. 

Here are some certifications of Caroline Silva:

  • Level 3 personal trainer Dubai
  • REPS certification
  • TRX
  • Strong Nation
  • Spinning

Christopher Ring

Christopher is a freelance level 3 personal trainer in Dubai. He has specialized in toning & weight loss, functional training, muscle & bodybuilding, and HIIT training. Typically, he focuses on progressive goal-based training to enhance the performance of the client.

Some certifications of Christopher in the Fitness Industry include:

  • Focus award level 3 diploma
  • Fitness instructor
  • Affordable personal trainer

Elhusseiny Wagah

Elhusseiny is a professional kickboxing trainer offering the best training to their clients at affordable rates. Whether you want a permanent change in your body or lose weight, Elhusseiny is here to help you. From making individualized diet plans to an effective workout, Elhusseiny focuses on its clients. 

Some international certificates that indicate his expertise are:

  • Kickboxing instruction certificate
  • Nutrition certificate
  • Bodyweight workout training

The Bottom Line

Working with a professional trainer has become a trend nowadays. You can easily search and reach an affordable personal trainer in Dubai. Before deciding to hire a trainer, be sure to understand your body needs and workout routine. 

There are numerous platforms with the best freelance and employed personal trainers in Dubai. If you are wondering for a personalized training session in Dubai, be sure to consider the above top affordable personal trainers.