The Lighting Of The Car – Why They Are Important For Us While Driving

Lighting Of Car

When people are often on the road riding, the biggest concern is safety. Always. While safety is a concern that can consist of many things coming together, the most primary quality that brings safety closer is visibility. Nobody wants to even ride in the night if their car headlight is not working. That is why one should invest in the best headlights for cars in India. Of course, every vehicle purchased through a company comes with its own brand’s headlight but upgrading a light system always comes in handy, especially when one expects to be on the road at nights more often. To gain knowledge on the types of headlight options available in the market and which are more powerful, read more.  

The choice to upgrade any system in a vehicle one owns always is a personal choice. But there are few things that one needs to gain knowledge about before purchasing any product. Each product will have unique concepts to know. Similarly, purchasing car headlights require some knowledge. We could call it the buying guide, a compilation of all the necessary information expected to analyse before making a purchase. 

Buying guide:  


best led headlights for cars


Often the most common variants in the field are affordable and used technology. Halogen lights are one such option. These light up with the help of halogen gas and produce a glow from the heat of the tungsten filament. Their working methodology is almost close to that of the standard bulb. However, the presence of the halogen gas makes it brighter than the bulb. 

One must understand that these are not an energy-efficient option, as most of it goes into producing heat instead of producing light. With the power of 700-2000 lumens, they have a throw of about a hundred metres. They are the standard option in most company produce vehicles. 

HID lights or Xenon Headlights:

These are comparatively better than halogen lights in both brightness and energy efficiency. Also called HID, or High-Intensity Discharge lights, these resemble the working mechanism of the standard tube light, thus having a slight lag in producing light. 

These lights use xenon gas charging electrodes without any filament, as it is in halogen gas. These do not produce heat and thus use up all their energy in generating a much brighter and natural light colour resemblance. These lights comparatively last longer with a power of 2500-3800 lumens. 


LED or Light Emitting Diode is the most popular options of light sources in the world. From households to anything that requires lighting is now equipped with LED lighting. These are perhaps the best used worldwide as they light up instantly, are energy-efficient, and have a longer lifespan than most other light sources. The best feature of these LED lights is that they can be in many forms and shapes, according to the likes of its user. 

For example, one can use LED strips in cars as an indicator or sidelight, where round, oval, or other shaped lights can be used as the main headlights. They produce intense light without taking too much energy. Car companies typically use them in low beam lights mostly, joining halogen or xenon in high beam. But these days, LEDs are used for both as they have a power of 15000 lumens. 

Laser lights:

It is a rare and expensive option that is very new in the arena of car headlights. While this has the highest power considering lights, the fact that it is not budget-friendly has made it available only in a few luxury cars. They emit very bright and powerful headlights for cars in India with the lowest power consumption. These headlights can be regarded as the best car headlights for night driving in India.


One most probably will leave it to a mechanic to connect any newly upgraded headlights. But it is necessary to know that some headlights come with a plug-and-use that does not require much connection and disruptions to the existing attachments in one’s vehicle. This type of installation is easy and does not cause excessive stress to the mechanic and the vehicle’s application. 


After the point of installation of a product, its functionality is very crucial in any product. Since vehicles often overcome difficult weather conditions and come across damaging elements like dust and hard stones, weather-proofing is essential. Headlights’ capacity to tackle these factors and stay durable is a difficult feat but have been made accessible by brands determined to provide nothing but the best for its customers. While making an aftermarket headlight purchase decision, one must consider this feature as an added aspect of the product’s durability. 


These factors are important considerations one needs to make when one wants to exchange their company produced headlights for market ones. However, compatibility is also an issue that affects this choice for some brand’s cars. So, one must ensure that one’s car can accommodate aftermarket headlights and confirm which one would suit best for their vehicle. 

Why else can one consider choosing aftermarket headlights? 

While safety is the biggest concern when one wants to upgrade one’s car headlights, there are other benefits. One can choose options that are brighter and also enhance the look of their vehicles. “How does one do that? Isn’t it just a headlight?” might be the questions in some people’s minds. But the concept of Daytime Running Lights or DRLs has made the mark of style across many vehicle brands. 

DRLs are low powered LEDs that come in various shapes, and as their name suggests, they are always on when the car is powered. LEDs have paved the way for innovatively shaped lights. They come as regular headlamps or stylish headlamps with arrays or shelled forms and as DRLs in strip forms. Read more on the various types of headlights that are company produced and ones that can be switched from aftermarket options. 

Having options to choose from depending on one’s style and preference is exciting for people who love designing their vehicles matching their preferred personalities – funky, classy or any look they want to pull. Aftermarket headlights give that choice while people consider redecorating other features of their cars. 

They also provide options that enhance the safety of the passengers in the car by lights that can throw more far distances and give a broader vision. These are not just helpful when riding the vehicle at night, but a clear and ample vision during the day can also provide an extra sense of comfort for any nervous rider.  

The explained advantages of installing or upgrading to new headlights is still an added task that people should be willing to take up. Some branded cars ensure that they are competent in the headlights venture and satisfy all their additional advantages by providing the best with the vehicle. But if one is looking for aftermarket brands that provide the best car headlight bulbs in India, here is a small list to assist. 

Philips, Osram, Andride, Trac, etc. available online on Amazon Shopping App and Website.  

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