LED Batten Lights & It’s Benefits

best LED batten light

LED Batten lights are the next generation’s latest technology fixtures that are similar to fluorescent tubes. These lightweight illuminators are ideal for homes and workspaces. They can be installed in parking lots, commercial spaces as well as in the study. These lighting solutions are very popular these days as they are energy-efficient, affordable, and simply functional when used. They also deal well with the problems of fluorescent lights.

Did you know?

The average lifespan of an LED batten is approximately 1000 days or 25000 hours. This long-lasting choice is pocket friendly and eco-friendly too.

LED Batten lights V. Fluorescent Lights

Even though LED batten lights are the latest technology, many people still find it tough to switch from fluorescent tubes. There are various reasons that make LED Batten a smarter choice. Hence, to choose the best, let’s go through a quick comparison of both LED Batten and fluorescent lighting fixtures.

  1. LED batten lights to use about 25% to 80% less energy as we compare them to traditional fluorescent lights. This assists us in daily energy saving as well as money-saving.
  2. As we must be heading towards a sustainable life, it’s essential to choose an option that can help us reduce our carbon footprints. Choosing an LED batten light is a long-lasting option. This light has a 4-times longer lifespan when we compare it to the fluorescent lights.
  3. Fluorescent lights produce excessive heat, whereas LED batten lights produce a negligible amount of heat and don’t cause any burns.
  4. Lights are to illuminate your spaces, and fluorescent lights decrease in the quality of brightness as they age. LED batten lights to keep their original brightness no matter how old they get.

Fun fact: Many researchers have concluded that LED lights increase human productivity no matter if it’s in a classroom or an office space. 

Explore the benefits of LED batten: 

  • LED batten lights are sustainable options. As we are heading towards climate change, not using sustainable options is not a choice anymore. LED Battens use less energy to light up your spaces, hence they are eco-friendly.
  • These batten lights don’t do any ultraviolet emission. They are safe to use and have no toxic or hazardous chemicals in their composition.
  • They do not cause any kind of irritating noise, hence they light up your space and assist in maintaining relaxed and peaceful surroundings.
  • They don’t cause heat. An LED batten can be seen in a sleek design with no maintenance cost.
  • They are bestsellers due to their versatility. LED battens are timeless pieces that can be used irrespective of any trend. It is easy to install in workspaces, commercial spaces, as well as homes. 

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These lights are the solution to all your lighting problems as they are also flicker-free. An LED batten can transform the way your spaces look and the way you function in those spaces too. Apart from helping you set the right environment, they are very helpful when you plan to bring down the maintenance cost of your corporate setup.