Thinking of buying a brand-new car? Why not consider leasing one?

leasing car
leasing car

So, you’ve been seriously considering upgrading your vehicle and have read countless articles and watched numerous videos to make the best purchase decision for yourself. But rather than helping you single out a few choices, your research has made it all the more complicated for you isn’t it and that’s what brought you here? You’ve done the right thing, let us share how!

Whomsoever you ask, whatever expert guidance you may seek, everyone will be suggesting you the best vehicle in the market right now without ever considering if buying a brand-new vehicle is actually the best decision for you in the first place or not? That’s where we come in. Have you ever come across the term car leasing? We’re certain you have and you probably hold the majority outlook towards it as well, which is – It’s not for me. Let us categorically share with you how this outlook has been limiting the scope of you getting the best vehicle for yourself. 

As per many research studies published in the last few years, car leasing as a mobility solution is garnering more and more interest and preference in India in recent years. Let us share with you the reasons why car leasing might prove to be one of the most beneficial decisions of your life. 

 Top 5 Reasons why you should consider car leasing  

Low Monthly Rental:

The monthly amount you pay in a car leasing arrangement is comparatively much lesser than the monthly loan amount you’d have to pay in case of buying a car. The loan amount takes into account the principal sale value of the vehicle plus the interest rate for the total number of months which comes to be higher. 

Easy Upgradation to Latest Cars:

In a car leasing arrangement, you can switch cars after a definitive period as mentioned in the contract. This is one of the major attractions of car leasing along with the low monthly rental. You’re always driving the latest cars with car leasing. 

Complete Care & Maintenance:

Choosing a car leasing service almost always ensures the proper care and maintenance of the car by the leasing company. This rids you of one of the major hassles you’d have to face if you go for the traditional car ownership model. 

Tax Incentives:

Corporate car leasing makes the employees utilizing the leasing service eligible for certain tax deductions which is a bonus on top of the low monthly rental. In some instances, one could save almost up to 30% on taxes when one opts for car leasing. 

Hassle-Free Experience:

With minimum paperwork, you can drive the leased car home and return it the same way when your term expires. Car leasing can sometimes give you complete protection in case of an accident or damages incurred so you would not have to worry about that aspect at all. Car leasing further puts you in a position to drive a better car than you would if you go for buying a car. 

These are the multifold advantages a car leasing solution provides you with over traditional car ownership models. We hope this will give you a fresh perspective and a worthwhile alternative to consider before deciding to upgrade your vehicle. 

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