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For Muslims, they must recite the Holy Quran and learn from it. It is not just a religious duty but a moral one as well. However, some of our Muslim brothers and sisters do not have access to reliable Quran tutors. There are also those that do not prefer to study in-person for several reasons. In that case, should they stop reciting and learning the Holy Quran altogether? The answer is a straightforward ‘No’! If you do not have access to reliable teachers or face other issues, opt for online Quran classes. There are multiple reasons to learn Quran online, which we will discuss below. Before doing so, let us look at the benefits of reciting and understanding the Quran.

Benefits of Learning the Quran

Quran is not just a book of God’s words. Instead, it is a comprehensive book that teaches us about how to conduct our life, live in harmony with others, law, and other aspects of life. Without it, we would be lost. Many people sink into depression when they focus on worldly matters. Quran brings us closer to our Creator and provides peace to our minds. On the Day of Judgement, it will save us from hellfire. Now, let us shift our focus to why we should learn Quran online.

Reasons to Learn Quran Online


Many of us do not have the time to learn Quran at an offline academy or even the mosque. In that case, learning Quran online is the best option. You can select a time that is most convenient for you. Online Quran tutors have flexible timings. A lot of them even teach after the morning prayers. You can select any time you like.


Everyone has access to the internet these days. One can use it to learn Quran online as the internet makes it extremely affordable. You do not have to pay for transport or anything like that. Online Quran tutors certainly charge less than the ones present in offline academies or mosques. Even if they charge less, the next reason will convince you to prefer online channels.

Individual Attention

In an offline setting, the tutor will be teaching 10, 20, 30, or more students at a time. If your or your child’s learning pace does not match that of the others, it can create problems. In online Quran classes, one tutor only teaches one student at a time. Hence, they can give much-needed attention.


It is difficult to trust anyone these days, especially strangers. Unfortunately, there are numerous scandals involving Quran tutors in mosques and religious schools. As we are continuously exposed to such information (which is not always true), we begin to avoid such places. As a result, our children or we are unable to learn Quran. It is where online Quran classes bring us respite. Learning Quran online is more secure as you do not need to interact with others physically. You or your child can learn Quran online from the safety of your home. Parents can monitor what the tutor is teaching their child.

Record Sessions

The human mind is not like a computer as it is unable to store large amounts of data. Humans forget things. At times, you might not understand a lecture properly. In that case, you can revisit the lecture later as many times as you like. The benefit of this is that you can learn the Quran with tajweed quickly just by reviewing lessons.

Wrap Up This concludes our article. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. We also welcome all suggestions that help us improve our content. Remember, learning the Quran is a fundamental responsibility of each Muslim. Thus, we should not neglect it and strive to understand it through whatever medium possible.

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