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One of the most popular and iconic games which also happens to be a mega blockbuster hit in the world of amusements, can you guess the name of the game I am talking about? Well yes, maybe you guessed it right! I am talking about the League of Legends whose beta version named ‘ League of Legends: Wild Rift ‘ for the mobile is soon going to be launched by Riot Games.

The new beta version is modified in various ways to work better on the smartphone screens. It looks like an entirely new game rather than just a version developed for the mobile devices. However, the basic mobile online battle arena also known as MOBA of the game remains same and as always playable on the go! Faster rounds, smaller maps are some of the highlights of the new beta version of the game.

Now you must be excited to know about the release date and other whereabouts of the game! 

Although, there isn’t any official date announced to release the game, the first closed beta of the wild rift was launched in September’2020 in several countries like Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore. 

In late October ‘2020,an open beta was also launched in the aforementioned countries as well as in South Korea and Japan. Finally, on March 29’2021 the new beta version i.e. League of Legends: Wild Rift was released in North America and other parts of the US giving the American players full access to the newly developed game. Apart from America the game is also available in several other countries like: Europe, Oceania, Vietnam, Taiwan, Middle East, Turkey, Russia, CIS, and North Africa. 

So, if you’re a resident of any of the aforementioned countries, hurry up, download the game and play! 

Also, for the people living in the region where the open beta isn’t available yet-you guys can pre register for the game but that’s only available for the Android users and as for the the ios users living in the region where open beta isn’t available yet you guys will have to wait a little more as there is very limited testing of the game! 

If you’re an Android user you can download the game from Google play store and if you are an ios user you can download it from Apple Store! As it is available on all platforms the user or League of legends player count is increased.

Do not worry it works smoothly on both the interfaces.

What’s the price of the beta version?

Just like the base of the original game that is League of Legends it’s beta version is also available free of cost! However, there are in app purchases available for the cosmetics, skin and other content of the game. Also,just like the PC version of the game in order to unlock all the champions you will have to play the game. And of course, you can always purchase them if you want to speed up your gameplay!

How to play the new beta version:wild rift?

We can’t really thank enough- the regular game developers, tweets from the league of legends official twitter account and how to play the game videos available online as they have provided us with a whole lot of information about the game and gave us really helpful insights of the gameplay.

The gameplay is similar to that of the original league of legends. It’s an isometric game backing champion controlled by you wandering around the map to battle off their enemies, ruin towers, and kill the other side’s champions. As it is played on mobile, there are multiple buttons on the right side for attacks, abilities, and items and by tapping and holding the left side of the screen the players can move as they want on all sides. 

The ranking system is similar to that of the original game. It gets unlocked at rank 10

Following which players are seeded into ranked level from Iron to Challenger.

Apart from ranked wild rift is also planning to introduce new modes in the game. 

The game will get it’s own upgrades making it entirely different from the pc version. 

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