6 Important Tips to Know When Managing a Lawn Care Business

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Owning your own company is a profitable challenge. Managing lawn care business can be a slippery slope if you do not know which goals to target first. While other types of businesses have the same patterns throughout the year. Landscaping is seasonal, and this presents its own set of issues. However, if you think about your landscape business as a solid team of employees who have work options year-round. You will always have an established business that turns a profit.

Why being a good landscaping employer is the key

One of the main issues businesses have is lack of employee retention. This causes an undercurrent of profit loss in the business. Instead, when your employees help you increase company profits with their expertise and tenure on the job, line their pockets with ongoing or one-time benefits. For example, in addition to cash bonuses, you can invest in life insurance policies or health insurance.

With this in mind, there are other ways to be a good landscaping employer. For instance, finding a successful team that works well together can be a breath of fresh air. Nonetheless, when the lawn care season ends in your geographic area, your team will break up. If you do not have more work to provide.

Instead of letting your lawn care business employees find other options for the winter. Start moving on to other jobs. Consider a focus on investing in equipment that will bring that same team to your companies off-season jobs. If you keep your team employed in the off-season, they will be the well-trained and solid crew you need when your most profitable season arrives.

Make your lawn care business a jack-of-all-trades for outdoor jobs

Landscapers are often outdoor artists and engineers who help businesses and homeowners with elaborate issues like drainage, erosion and the kind of curb appeal that sells multi-million dollar properties. Regardless, most clients of landscaping companies perceive the landscapers as professionals for all things outdoors. For example, landscapers help to keep businesses from being fined for having a shabby lawn. These fines can often accrue thousands of dollars quickly.

With this in mind, remember that clients have other reasons they could get fined or sued. They are looking for solutions. By examining local codes affecting property owners, a lawn care company may find their landscaping team is qualified to address other outdoor issues such as snow removal, flood water removal, leaf removal, animal waste, and post-garbage removal cleanup. Landscapers may also be able to create solutions related to branch, tree or stump removal.

Along these lines, when you are starting to see profits managing your lawn care business, it is important to invest in equipment to expand your services. For example, if it is not a regular request, but one that could immediately pay for the equipment with only a few jobs, the equipment may be worth it. This is why pressure washing is often advertised by landscaping companies that offer full-service for outdoor tasks. Also, can use pressure washing as a bonus offer. It gives back to your clients during the slower times of the year.

One hidden advantage of equipment like pressure washing for a landscape business is having options for workers who are pregnant, aging or healing from an injury. After all, pressure washing and clearing flood water with heavy-duty vacuum systems are less strenuous tasks than stump removal and using the tilling equipment.

Invest in doing jobs other contractors refuse

Too often, businesses pay construction contractors heavily to do minor jobs they are not qualified for. Worse, businesses have to beg contractors to do certain types of outdoor jobs. They are not worth their time or money. Alternatively, landscapers can easily perform these tasks if they have the right equipment and licensing for their team. For instance, tractors are perfect for large jobs that use bush hogs. Adding to this, if a tractor operator is bonded, licensed and insured, they are qualified to use a tractor at a business to move a dumpster, redistribute misplaced garbage or do other jobs that require removal of unwanted debris.

Adding a licensed CDL driver ensures you will be able to rent a large truck for one-off jobs that involve hauling unwanted debris to a local garbage collection area. For example, businesses often do electronics disposal drives, but then have no one qualified to pick up the trailers with a semi to drive them to the recycling facility.

The more professional your company is, the easier contracts will be

If you are interested in long-term contracts with government institutions, there is a reason these contracts can take longer-than-expected to get an answered. Do not forget that some companies cannot hire you on a formality such as workers not having full background checks. This is especially true if they have heavy security at the company. One option is to never assume a company does not require heavy security.

Instead, you can explain you are fully ready to operate in a high-security contract and show them the documentation you have obtained. Although many contractors advertise they are fully licensed, insured and bonded. Few take the time to acquire all of the low-cost or free documentation needed to work with federal facilities. This alone could make the right kind of impression to show your company is a cut above the rest due to your high level of professionalism.

Hire other professionals to help your business grow

You can employee great ideas, hire the best people and buy all of the best equipment, but none of it matters if you forget to pay your taxes the right way. In addition to filing business taxes, you will also need to ensure you have paid taxes on your employees. Even if you ask the employees to file 1099, there are additional taxes you will need to pay at the federal. State or local level. While many people end up making mistakes and owing more money than expected. You may also be missing out on tax breaks when you do not use professional tax accountant services. Getting to know a tax attorney and the services they offer can also be helpful if you have legal issues with the tax process.

Along with a professional tax attorney or accountant, consider hiring someone to be in charge of sales. After all, if you are searching for a professional service, you may call a business, but when they do not answer; you call the next business on the list. Unfortunately, when you start a landscaping business, there is a high probability that you are going out each day with a crew to do jobs.


This often becomes difficult to juggle because you might get distracted and miss sales calls. Instead of missing out on profits, consider hiring someone that can answer every call. This could be someone local who you forward your calls to or a full-time office assistant. Who also manages paperwork, deliveries, hiring and walk-in customers to your storefront. There are also online services that can help you catch all the calls you get. And this can be a cost-effective way to allow you to focus on managing your crew.

While they may be referred to as a virtual receptionist, their function is sales-oriented and they often do not cover other office tasks. In short, you hire someone to remotely or locally to answer your calls. These calls almost always end up being referrals, scheduled jobs and other opportunities that bring more money to your lawn care business.

Actually, charge what you are worth

If you are constantly being undercut by what seems like a big client. Chances are they will also work you much harder than other clients for less payoff. You know how much your services are worth, and being undercut only hurts the trust you have with your employees. Your team will resent the job. They know it will be more difficult than other jobs with no additional bonuses for their hard work.

This means that, instead of being a strong backbone bread-and-butter option for your business. You end up having your cheap and demanding client being a slow drain for profits. For example, having employees move on to other jobs where the work is easier or more financially lucrative will ensure. You need to spend extra money on hiring and training. In other words, set your prices realistically with the expectation. You will need to have money saved for a rainy day disaster.

While some businesses do not actually care how their lawns look. Only want to avoid fines from the city, others will want full-service landscaping services with transparent pricing who are worth every penny.

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