Build a Gojek Clone App with V3Cube to Launch Multi-Service Business

gojek clone app

To launch an on-demand Gojek Clone App in today’s era, you need assistance from a well-established white-labeling firm. What are these white-labeling firms? What do they do? In the blog, we will explore every question that twirling in your head. In addition, we will reveal the best white-labeling firm where you can get A to Z assistance with the launch of the on-demand multi-service business.

Let’s get started!

Launching Multi-service Business with a White-labeling Firm

As already mentioned, the on-demand multi-service business can be launched with the help of a white-labeling firm. However, before getting started with the business establishment, it’s crucial to learn about a white-labeling firm.

So, what is a white-labeling firm?

Well, it is a firm where talented app developers have already built a base app that’s similar to an existing app like Uber, Careem, Grab, etc. They resell these base apps to entrepreneurs who are looking for pre-built or ready-made apps. Now, the team white-labels the base app by adding your company’s branding (name & logo), changing the splash screen appearance, color theme, and more.

In short, you will get a ready-made script for your Gojek Clone app which is white-labeled and customized by the app developers. The best part about these firms is that they have a quick delivery time. That is, you can launch a fully-fledged, bug-free, and well-optimized multi-service app in less than two weeks!

The Perfect White-labeling Firm for Multi-service Business Launch

Now that you are aware of the white-labeling firms and what they do, it’s easy to find a perfect app development partner, right? You may think so. However, it takes a lot of effort and rigorous assessment to pick out the best firm for developing a multi-service business.

  • Quick business establishment
  • Ready-made solutions
  • Affordable mobile apps and other technologies
  • Robust platforms
  • High-quality apps

How To Launch the Gojek Clone app?

With V3Cube, you can launch a perfect on-demand multi-service app in less than two weeks because the white-labeling firm offers ready-made, tested, and bug-free scripts. The Gojek-like app has all the advanced features, attractive UI/UX, and everything essential to make your business No. 1!

Let’s see how you can build a multi-service app.

1.    Try the demo app for your satisfaction!  

Try the demo app of the Gojek-like app to ensure you are investing in the right solution. FREE demo app trials for as long as the entrepreneur wants to. The demo trial helps entrepreneurs to make educated purchase decisions.

2.    Speak with the Project Manager about your requirements  

Speak with the assigned Project Manager and ask them about all the product or development-related queries. Next up, they will provide a questionnaire for you to answer. The questionnaire lets the Manager understand your requirements better.

After discussing the development requirements, the Project Manager will prepare and provide the Scope Document. The document will help you take the final purchase decision as it contains a cost breakdown and details of the deliverables.

3.    Gojek Clone app development and review

After you purchase the script, the app developers will start the development process. It takes them 3 to 4 days to completely white-label the app and uploads it to the firm’s development server.

Once they upload the app, you can access and review them, tell the experts to make changes (if required), and take the trial.

4.    Free app submission

After app review, the team will go ahead and submit the apps to Google Play Store, Apple App Store, etc. Your app will be available for download after approval by App Stores.

Final Words:

In conclusion, you must launch the Gojek Clone app with a white-labeling firm. A well-established and world-renowned firm launches the best multi-service business that rakes millions in profits.