The latest smart thermostat features you would love to have!

thermostat features

Thermostats are essential if you want your heating and cooling system to work properly. And this is not all — they provide you with the ultimate level of convenience and energy efficiency. Just like a home is incomplete without a heating and cooling system, even the HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system is not perfect without your thermostat features.

Ø  The latest features that make your thermostat better!

Honeywell thermostats from Heatwell LTD have been a part of your lifestyle since ages. These are one of the best in the industry and are long lasting as well. But the recent advancement and upgradation in this technology is something really inviting.  And if you want to know what those enticing upgrades are, then keep reading:

o   Connection of the thermostat with your smartphones — The latest smart feature that a thermostat has is the convenience of operating it through your smartphone. Through these settings, even if you forget switching on or off your heating or cooling system, you need not rush back home to rectify the mistake, just change the settings through your mobile and the task is done.

o   The alert alarm — Another superb feature that you can enjoy in your thermostat features is the emergency alarm system. So, for instance you aren’t at home and your heating system suddenly starts on its own or the temperature is alarmingly high, your alarm will start ringing. If the issue is controllable through a device, you can change the settings from your location. If not, you can always send help at home.

o   Colour and touch screen — After using super fast smartphones, you’ll obviously not like the idea of a black and white thermostat with buttons to press for functioning. The latest version with a coloured screen and touch sensors is an awesome upgrade you’ll love to own.

o   The automatic proximity feature — You’ll be glad to know that the recent thermostat comes with a proximity feature. So, you don’t have to search for your thermostat in the extreme darkness, the lights of the same would turn on automatically when you are in its close proximity. Then it becomes quite easy to operate and change the temperature.

o   Energy tracking reports — If energy efficiency is your ultimate goal, then you will certainly love this feature. By energy tracking, the thermostat features collects the data about which part of your room attracts more heating or cooling — and accordingly you will get a report from the same. According to this report, you can check whether the windows are open on this side or there are leaks, etc.

o   Connecting with other devices — Apart from smartphone, it would be really awesome if your thermostat can be connected with other useful devices in your room as well. Like your air purifier and humidifier in the room can be connected when you use an advanced thermostat features enabling you to take more control of the environment in your home.

Aren’t all these upgrades really awesome? We are sure you want to have all of these in your thermostat festures for sure.  

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