Latest Fashion Trend- how to style a spaghetti top in different ways

While winter is believed to be one of the most stylish seasons, we all have a preference for this fashion. The breezy tunics, the adorable skirts, and, of course, the ultra-chic tops! The spaghetti top trend originated a long time ago, and luckily for us, it has stuck around for all the right reasons. Spaghetti shirts are versatile and may be worn with almost anything. The garment is so adaptable that it is a must-have in every fashionista’s closet, whether it is a saree or a lehenga, a skirt or a short. We’re here to help if you’re stumped on how to dress spaghetti tops. Check out some of these easy but stylish ways to wear spaghetti shirts to create a statement.

A Typical Monochrome Look —

We’ve all had those days when we don’t feel like getting dressed up too much. Under no circumstances, however, can one appear to be anything other than a diva. Take a basic ruffle spaghetti blouse and pair it with a pair of plain trousers. Wear black pants for a sophisticated monotone style. Simply put on your favourite sneakers, and you’re ready to go!

spaghetti top

Wear it with a tee —

If you’re worried about displaying too much flesh while wearing a spaghetti top, we’ve got you covered. Combine a basic shirt with your spaghetti top for a stylish look. However, the idea is to employ the t-tone shirt’s in the other direction. If your spaghetti top is black or white, you may wear it to the club with a black shirt. You may also use neutral colours. Pair them with pastels rather than solid colours to produce a balanced look.

Button-Down Spaghetti Top with denims –

Thinking about what to pair your latest denims with? Reach for a button-down spaghetti top with a V-neck for a more polished look. It will provide the appearance of a classy woman. Accessorize your style with a long charm necklace to provide extra dimension. They’re delicate and playful, and they’ll make you look lovely.

Laced Spaghetti Top —

Are you a lover of light, airy designs that make you appear more minimalist? If you answered yes, you must not be losing out on stunning lace spaghetti tops. They look great on everyone and can be worn with various outfits, including skirts, denim shorts, pencil skirts, lehengas, sarees, and so on. You may go for a solid colour such as tulle blue, black, maroon, or grey. Alternatively, delicate tones such as pistachio green, baby pink, blush pink, cream, baby blue, and so on might be used.

Monotone Look with Class —

It’s impossible to go wrong with parties and spaghetti tops. It is due to the fact that they are ideal for any occasion. Sensuous enough to turn heads while being basic enough to let you appear at ease and confident! We’re completely smitten with the checkered-print co-ords. You may wear this outfit to a formal dinner by adding a black blazer to your ensemble.

Let your spaghetti tops be the ultimate fashion statement for you by pairing in these styles and look super stylish in the event you wear them too! 

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