Laravel Development Services: Advantages & Disadvantages

laravel development services

Pros and Cons of Laravel PHP Framework 2022

Simple. Minimalistic. Effective web developments are on the rise. With the brewing requirement of a consumer-centric user interface, features, and functionalities, it is important for a business to develop a seamless web app. 

To obtain efficient results in web app development, developers around the globe are fond of using Laravel, a PHP framework. It has its own futuristic offerings to give a business consisting of:-

  • Modular packaging system
  • Utilities that aid in application deployment, and maintenance, 
  • Access to relational databases & their orientation toward syntactic sugar
  • Use of GitHub to host the source code
  • It is also licensed under the terms of the MIT license

There are many web app development frameworks in the market, but, Laravel is given more importance because of its MVC (Model-View-Controller) web architecture platform.

What is Laravel?

Taylor Otwell is the creator of Laravel an open-source PHP web framework to replace the Codelgniter framework. It is known for its evident and polished syntax which allows the development process takes place in a pleasant endeavor.

Laravel framework also has developer-friendly features that enable professionals to concentrate on coding from scratch. There are other pros to using Laravel development services for your online web venture. 


  • Built-in authentication and control

A developer can easily provide its users with authentication and role-based access control. Every option is built-in providing secure and sophisticated control. In other benefits, it is easy for a user to process data access requests & also reject unauthorized ones. It does come with some required authentication steps right from registering to password resetting, all is executed with a single command.

  • MVC architecture

With MVC architecture, Laravel provides the best development environment. It provides a web app with improved performance, detailed documentation, and more engaging in-built PHP features.

  • Speedy development

The rapid integration of features along with great laravel community support helps in faster development. It shortens the development lifecycle with its significant in-built functionalities which also results in a reduced app budget. 

  • Queue manager

All the irrelevant tasks are easily queued up which automatically reduces user response time. It helps a developer to focus on other important tasks while developing a laravel application. 

  • Range of resources and packages

NPM, Yarn, and Laravel Mix can be used to combine the Laravel framework with React or/and Vue.js, which will be handy for many apps. This is beneficial for the process of reviewing resources and assets.

  • Object extraction

The laravel framework has the capability of extracting objects without third-party libraries. They can be extracted from anywhere, a user encodes.

  • Built-in libraries

Laravel has over 20 built-in libraries that provide authentic ones with improved security. The Laravel cashier allows a user to create all the billings subscription template code that programmers can use reluctantly to write. In some automated tasks the PHP open-source consists of coupon processing, changing subscription format, invoice generation, etc. It helps the developers to work on other important tasks without spending time building new libraries or writing the code from scratch.

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  • Lack of experienced developers

Laravel provides automated functionalities which allow a developer to use the bare minimum of his coding or any other development skill. So, you can definitely not judge a developer’s experience when he aces at laravel framework. 

  • Limited built-in support

It has limited built-in support, as it is a small framework. However, the community of laravel professionals has managed to back it up by providing built-in utilities.

  • Difficult to update

Being a long-term supported framework, it sometimes gets problematic to get a particular update into the software. Though, these problems are solved by experienced programmers quickly in real-time, considering its large community support.  

  • Complicated features

Laravel is heavy documentation for programmers to cope with. There are many features that need simplification. However, the support of the online developer community makes the initial stages hassle-free, but, one needs to understand the framework properly.


Different frameworks work for different projects. There is no one size fits all phenomenon in the digital arena. 

Among all the other PHP frameworks, Laravel is the most popular one, allowing developers to build user-friendly web solutions.

  • It has reliable structure & logical syntax
  • It has detailed documentation
  • It has strong community support
  • It does speeds up the development cycle along with other advanced PHP functionalities

More care and attention are needed when working with Laravel. The most important thing is to make sure the developers are skilled and aware of how to strike a balance between adding new features and paying off technical debt. However, when compared to all the benefits that Laravel web development offers to stakeholders and programmers, these are minor problems overall.

Even so, the strength of its “advantages” outweighs everything, especially when you take into account the straightforward ideas and effective elements built into this framework.