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water saver Drawback

In any industry that requires flow rate measurement and cooling systems, leak detection is very important. Effective leak detection instruments are very important to detect leaks that can cause grievous damage, injuries, and losses. If a plant processes hazardous or poisonous gases and fluids, monitoring leaks helps protect workers from health-treating situations that can even cause death. 

One of the best leak detection systems that have proved to work effectively is the WeldSaver Drawback. Once installed properly, this great instrument can effectively detect leaks, monitor flow rate, and serve as a coolant system. This machine is quite handy as it also helps to increase ROI by reducing the cost of operation. The WeldSaver 6+Drawback is used in many industries to prevent floods and other damaging effects of water when it leaks. It is commonly used in ventilation and heating systems. 

water saver Drawback

Let us now look at what the WeldSaver™ 6 +Drawback welding water saver system from Proteus has to offer. As we mentioned as we began, the WeldSaver Drawback technology is an essential device capable of measuring flow rate in real-time, detecting leaks immediately as they occur, and serves as a coolant system. When working in robotic welding, this system prevents water from damaging the system. 

The WeldSaver™ from Proteus has been on the forefront for over a quarter a century, providing leak detection solutions for various industries. In addition, Proteus has introduced a more effective water saver Drawback valve that increases protection from coolant dumps during welding. The new device does this by retracting water from the cooling gun circuit.

To distinguish true leaks from false ones, the water saver Drawback device uses the proprietary detection algorithm, quickening the detection process and identifying real threats from false ones. The operator can easily identify changes in velocity, pressure, temperature, and motion-induced leaks.

Within 0.3 seconds, the device can detect and know what is causing the leak; when there is any change in the flow, the WeldSaver signals it so that the welding process is stopped and at the same time closes an attached shutoff valve. When this happens, water is retracted from the cooling gun. 

The WeldSaver Drawback is a great instrument for rapidly detecting changes in flow continuity, whether you want to monitor coolant flow to the entire weld cell cooling circuit or weld guns. These changes may occur due to cap loss, slow leaks, or other major leaks. Detecting leaks early and stopping them first protects weld cell floors and expensive cap-changers from coolant dumps.

Features of the WeldSaver 6 +Drawback

  • It comes with browser-based teach pendants and an interface for monitoring coolant flow rate and temperature
  • Whenever there is cap loss or anything else that interferes with the flow rate, it will only take 1 second to shut off the flow
  • By retracting water from the cooling gun circuit, it reduces coolant dumps on expensive equipment or the floor
  • Control interface options include PROFINET® and EtherNet/IP™ 
  • The LDS is very fast in that it only takes less than 0.4 seconds for the proprietary leak-detection algorithm to send an alarm to the weld controller 
  • The user has the freedom to change alarm settings and operating parameters
  • With the remote control valve and system, it can easily support cap changers and weld guns 
  • Liquid temperatures from 4.0–110 °C / 39–230 °F
  • Flow ranges from 6–50 LPM / 1.5–13 GPM


The safety of industrial processes that use hazardous and poisonous liquid and gas substances depends on essential instruments such as the WeldSaver Drawback. This type of welding water saver is quite efficient and cost-effective because it serves as a coolant control, a leak detection system, and a flow measuring device.

It rapidly picks up and identifies leaks, stopping the flow to avoid coolant dumps that may cause damage to expensive machines and the floor. Since the WeldSaver 6+Drawback can handle flow rates of up to 50 LPM or 13GPM, the flow rate is shown easily in LPM or GPM. 

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