5 Things You Need to Know Before Booking a Charter Flight

Booking Charter Flight

Private charter flights mesmerize you with the timeless scope of private skies. Flying in a private jet gives a glimpse of a luxurious life. Also, it is acknowledged as a status of the elite class that is not easily attainable.

Having said that, booking a charter flight can put a dent in your wallet because it is too expensive for a commoner. However, the CEOs of the US and European aviation industries are convinced that the charter flights business will flourish in the upcoming years. More wealthy flyers will be booking private charter flights rather than buying tickets to the first-class lounge of the commercial flights. In addition, the spread of Covid-19 lowers 30 times if flyers book private charter flights for traveling.

So, if you are looking to have a pleasant and secure time, the following are five things you need to know before availing charter flights Dubai services.

1.  Map out your departure and destination locations

It might seem unnecessary and silly but private charter jets have access to airports within fewer miles. Private aviation has access to around 5000 airports which are less than 500 used by official airlines. Anyhow, there is a greater possibility of coming up with alternative routes as the airports are closer together. Thus, if you inform your operator and broker about your departure and destination locations, they can recommend alternating routes which can shorten the duration. It will safeguard you from long tiring travel hours that can leave you exhausted.

2.  Who will be accompanying you?

You will be searching for the most cost-efficient aircraft that will satisfy your requirements. It is a myth that the selection of the aircraft is only dependent on your budget and the number of seats, decorating its interior. You must consider the number of adults and children, their age range, size of your pets, the weight of your luggage and total weight. Even the type of region, its weather and winds will also impact your decision regarding the selection of an appropriate jet.

For example, the marks and models of light jets have varying ranges, starting from 600 to 2000 miles. The selection also depends on the number of people who will be joining you, seats and weight of the luggage. Voicing your specific needs such as six adults, a golden retriever, 150 pounds of luggage will guide the operator or provider to recommend the best match for you.

3.  Do you have flexible travel dates and times?

While booking a charter flight, you have the liberty to choose the time you want to depart. It is according to your schedule and not the predetermined flight planner. This decision has an impact on the costs as well. Pricing can also differ depending on the time and date.  

If you have a flexible schedule and want to leave over a certain period of time, it is advisable to inform the provider so they can make arrangements accordingly. It will also help them to specify the best alternative to get you to the destination according to your requested date and time.

4.  What extras do you want to request?

If you want to have a full experience of accessing the private skies, don’t forget to ask for additional treats. Packaged meals and sodas can be transformed into a delicious menu of your choice. You just have to be a bit specific and end up with an exclusive feast in the air. It will increase the pleasure.

You have the liberty to ask for a Wi-Fi connection during the flight so you don’t miss out on the events occurring on the ground. In addition, you can select the flight attendant for a large cabin aircraft or you can be fine on your own in a small aircraft.

Private charter services treat you extra special by giving you post-flight services. Your providers can arrange ground transportation such as taxis or cars for you. Thus, once the flight lands, you will have a requested vehicle, waiting for you. It will eliminate the waiting hours at the airports for a taxi.

5.      What happens if your operator cancels the trip?

If the operator cancels the flight because of some technical issues in the aircraft or a sick pilot, then you have to pay a difference for the replacement trips if they are more expensive than the one you selected. It is normally referred to as “the painful conversation” in the private aviation industry.  

In the end, the private aircraft charter services are all about your convenience. The private aviation companies will ensure that you leave with high customer satisfaction, rate them full stars and rebook them for further trips. Hence, you have almost all the control.

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