Everything You Need To Know About Promise Rings

promise rings

You may have heard of engagement rings, wedding rings, purity rings, etc but promise rings? Hardly right? But let us tell you that promise rings are a thing now. Often couples who are much in love, are not ready to settle down and get married immediately or never, for that matter. Promise rings play a vital role in serving a guarantee with a commitment of getting married. It has become a trend now.

Promise rings are a boundless way to express your love and commitment of staying in love. The definition of a promise ring can vary from couple to couple; for some, it might be a promise of staying together forever, for some, it might be a clear hint of getting married soon. 

You just need to discuss what the promise ring counts for you – there are no regulations. In fact, promise rings can be used for friendship, wedlock, decency, pre-engagement or even a promise to yourself. If it is yours, then try making it unique. 

What Finger Does a Promise Ring Go On?

There is no specific way to wear a promise ring on a specific hand. There’s no “right” finger or hand either — instead, it’s advisable to wear your ring on whichever finger is most suitable and convenient for you.

Some like to wear their promise rings on their left ring fingers. This is the most usual way to wear a promise ring. Others opt to wear it on the right ring finger so as to not puzzle it with an engagement ring.

Trend-in-trend, people are now also wearing the promise rings as a necklace with a slim, elegant chain.

What should a promise ring look like?

As regards to the kinds of promise rings, anything and everything works. Literally, there are no pointers or requirements here. The most renowned promise ring styles and themes include hearts, stars, an infinity sign or tangled designs to symbolize a couple’s togetherness. 

It can also be a sober band made from sterling silver or gold with a personalized note. Solitaire promise rings are famous, too, although they happen to be a small carat size and placed in a cluster or row.

Basically, Solitaire promise rings should ultimately suit your partner’s likes and preferences and then, any ring would be perfect for a promise moment. 

Types of promise rings you should know:

Different people have different perspectives and choices but we have multiple options for multiple preferences to make your task of selecting & buying a promise ring easier. 

Below, we’ve assimilated a list of premium promise rings in various styles, gemstones and settings:

1. Diamond cluster Promise Rings:

Diamond rings are vintage, timeless and the best choice for beautiful couples. Solitaire promise rings often highlight bundles of small diamonds, making a beautiful shape like a flower or halo. 

The diamonds used in promise rings and other couple rings happen to be smaller than those used in engagement rings, making these more budget-friendly than a lot of other diamond jewelry.

2. Gemstone Promise Rings:

A gemstone ring can add color and twirl to your important other’s hand, turning it into a best choice if you’re looking for something with character. Renowned gemstone couple rings list from ruby heart rings to pink sapphire halo rings, with innumerable other alternatives also in stock.

3. Just Metal Promise Rings:

If you opt for something a little simple and basic that can blend with anything, try out a promise ring that doesn’t highlight any stones. Rather, prefer a personalized message, design or distinctive design that holds a memory to you and your partner. This is the perfect way to make your ring feel customized but still simple and elegant. 

4. Purity promise rings:

These promise rings are meant to be worn by couples swearing to each other always to remain loyal to each other, to remain pure. There also are examples where parents give their kids the purity promise rings as a form for their kids to promise to cease and to stay sexually pure until marriage.

5. Solitaire promise rings:

This solitaire promise ring highlights a single diamond ring, therefore the solitaire ring style, and it is the most prominent kind of engagement and promise ring. 

If your girl prefers the antique ring style, with a big diamond on it, then this style of promise ring would be perfect for her.

6. Trilogy promise rings:

These are three-stone rings crafted and named adroitly to embody the past, present, and future, particularly in couple relationships. The design and notion of the trilogy rings are dependent on the traditional ring designs of the Irish/ Trinity knot rings. 

7. Crown promise rings:

The notion behind the promise rings comes from the couple serving each other like grandeur and never permitting anything to get in their way. So, you could give your partner a gorgeous crown ring, swearing to make and treat her like the queen she is.

8. Infinity promise rings:

This ring signifies the promise of timeless love.

The common designs of these rings include the silver infinity ring, often adorned with multiple small gemstones like diamonds, resulting in a chic and elegant ring.

9. Interlocking promise rings:

These rings are designed distinctively and highlight the ring designs that permit the couples to make and keep their promises of love for each other. To rephrase it, these rings illustrate a promise to get married and be together happily forever, someday in the future.

When Should I Give Someone a Promise Ring?

Most people give someone a promise ring once they comprehend they are in love and that their partner is the ultimate person for them. Hence, you should give someone a promise ring when you are ready to let them know your feelings, whether that is marriage or just being together always. 

But be aware – wait to give your partner a promise ring until they are also ready for the loyalty tied to the jewelry. This is specifically true if you fell head over heels swifter than they did and if your partner is aware of love or commitment. So, the conclusion is to wait until you are agreeing with each other’s feelings and ready to make a long-term fidelity to one another.


Giving someone a promise ring is a big fish to hunt and it should not be done without giving it multiple thoughts. Though not a proposal of marriage, it’s a wholehearted and serious sign of forever love and deep loyalty. Therefore, select the ring with love and care to make sure your loved one can wear and cling to it for a long time.