Huawei GT2E Review – Everything You Need To Know

Huawei GT 2E
Huawei GT 2E

Huawei has been making great progress when it comes down to smart watches, even after getting banned in the U.S. Having said that, they launched Huawei GT2E in 2019 and it has captured everyone’s attention, for good. So, if you are focused on fitness and want to invest in a nice smart watch, we have the Huawei GT 2E review laid out in this article!


This might be the biggest upside of the smart watch and shows great aesthetics. This is because the watch is designed with a stainless steel casing, making it a perfect choice for sporty people. There are buttons at the two and four o’clock but the lugs are smoothened to add a cosmetic change. The smart watch is not too chunky and remains below 10mm, making it a nice addition to your ensemble.

The watch is integrated with a 1.39-inches screen and an AMOLED display. Honestly, it’s not very bright but still has promising details. This means that the stats and texts are easy to read. The RAM has been spiked up to 16GB, which enhances the performance. In addition, the battery size is improved to 455mAh, which means it will stay functional for over two weeks with one full charge.

Fitness Tracking

The watch is integrated with a wide range of features and has promising fitness tracking. For instance, it is designed with a GPS feature that shows impressive sports tracking, without compromising on accuracy. It has the support of a GLONASS satellite which means proper and efficient locking. It delivers all-day fitness tracking and you can easily swipe it around.

In addition to this, there is a heart rate monitor available in the watch that streamlines the blood oxygen readings to help you keep an eye on the heart healthy.

Heart Rates & SpO2 Tracking

Huawei GT 2E is integrated with the SpO2 feature is designed as the on-watch app, which means you might have to take manual readings. However, the heart rate is added to the app and has a special section that shows the maximum and minimum heart rate. Having said that, you will be able to see the performance and progress, so you can keep a tab.

As far as sleep monitoring is concerned, it’s pretty amazing as it can record the REM sleep cycles and deep/light sleep cycles. On top of everything, it offers a proper analytical report on sleep and heart rate performance.

Stress Tracking

This smart watch is integrated with the TrueRelax, which makes it a promising choice for tracking stress levels. However, for now, it is only compatible with Android smartphones. Keep in mind that you will need to calibrate the stress levels and get the scoring to keep an eye on the stress levels. The best part is that the stress scoring is approved by the Institute of Psychology which shows the validation.

If you are concerned about the accuracy, it works in assistance with the heart rate data to deliver on-spot readings. Having said that, it surely covers the base of fitness tracker features.

Sports Tracking & Running

The watch is integrated with the tracking credentials and shows results from over one hundred activities. For the most part, it shares information about the heart rate, duration, and calories, and when you go for a swim, it will show customized metrics, such as underwater heart rate. Even more, it focuses on running as well because there is a guided running feature, making it easier to follow.


Huawei GT 2E shows the most effective performance which eases the notification and alerts reading. It can be easily silenced by swiping down the display while the display can be retrieved by swiping up from the display’s bottom. As far as the notifications are concerned, they are pretty basic as you cannot answer the call or have two-way communication.

As far as the watch faces are concerned, there are some amazing options available (a pleasant surprise, we must say). Moreover, the users can have control over the music and directly influences your ability to pair your watch to headphones to play music. As far as music management is concerned, it’s done by the Huawei Health app. 

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