All You Need to Know About Flex Tools

flex tools

The flex tools are used by professionals for their excellent efficiency and power. The speed and power of the flex tools take many people by surprise. The German company FLEX-Electroworkzeuge GmbH is the original producer of these flex tools, and its head-quarter is in Steinem. This company invented these flex tools or angle grinders in the year 1954. The company had been producing flexible shaft grinders since 1922.

Later this company made a partnership with Porter-Cable, an American tool producer until Pentair sold its power division in the year 2004 to the company Black and Decker. Black and Decker divested itself of FLEX tools. In the year 2013, FLEX tools were taken over by Chevron Holdings Ltd. 

FLEX mainly sells grinders and polishers; however, in some countries, it also creates and sells woodworking tools. The Flex tools and batteries come with a five-year warranty, and if you buy and register your flex tools by the end of the year 2022, you will get a lifetime warranty. 

All You Need to Know About Flex Tools 

Flex tools aim at the professional and premium tool market, with their promise to “conquer the Jobsite” and “power the trades.” 

New Features for Flex Power Designer Tool 

The Flex Power Designer Tools Have Several Attractive Features Like: 

  • Time-saving and makes the designing process much easier with a faster numeric conversion calculator.
  •  The new version of the software is easier to use for digital power system design.
  • The flex tools include thermal modeling as well as detailed thermal simulation calculations.
  • The Flex power modules have added several new features to make the Flex Power Designer software much easier to use for the digital power system design and also to broaden the products it supports.
  • The new version of this tool that is 3.2 will save a lot of time for the engineers while developing their power systems and also reduce the risk of any issues with their design.
  • This 3.2 version adds a numeric conversion calculator. This is a time-saving feature and makes it easier for the designers to properly calculate linear/V out and linear/direct formatted vales that are seen from monitoring data.
  • The software of these tools supports test boards for BMR480 and BMR490 DC-DC converters.
  • It also has the ability to monitor the common parameters (like output voltage, input voltage, temperature, etc.) for power products from other vendors, thus, increasing the flexibility. 

FLEX Tools-Target Market 

Flex tools are designed for professionals. These tools are high qualities that come with powerful batteries. These tools are mainly designed for general and some specific professional applications. 

The Technology of Flex Power Tools 

  •  The batteries of Flex tools charge faster compared to their competitors. The chargers have more wattage, which speed up the charging process. Moreover, the chargers of these tools have dual cooling fans, meaning the batteries can cool down quicker and start their cycle of charging sooner.
  • Another important advantage is the intelligent processor. This monitors each cell to protect the cells properly as well as optimize the charging of each cell.
  • The most important feature of any power tool is its batteries. Batteries are the backbone of all cordless lines. Flex has a much stronger battery platform compared to others, which is 24V. So, the flex tools can offer longer run time and more power than their competitors.
  • Flex tools also come with a Thermal-Tech heat management system. They have a sleeve to absorb the heat which protects each cell. Flex also has a shock-resistant design and the electronics are epoxy sealed that ensures the better protection of the tools from the external elements.
  • The tools are created with brushless motors to ensure more efficiency and longer life. 

Therefore, flex tools have many attractive features that have made these tools the favorite power tools of the professionals.