Face Pack: Everything You Need To Know

Face Pack

It is winter and many of you are keen enough to keep your body in shape with a healthy diet and exercise. However, when it comes to taking care of your facial skin, some of you believe that following a CTM routine is everything you need to do.

Else, maybe you ever wished to put in some extra effort for your facial skin along with a balanced diet and CTM routine some of you might have chosen the option of exfoliation. We appreciate your efforts for keeping your facial skin glowing, but do you think these steps that you follow are more than enough to have bouncy and naturally beautiful facial skin?

The only answer that you are looking for right now, after counting from face wash to face serum on your fingertips is a face pack for glowing skin.

Face Pack

Yes, a face pack. There is no doubt in acknowledging the truth that we are living a rushed life and when the CTM routine and exfoliation process is an easy job to be done within minutes, who would wish to waste time in applying face pack and waiting for it to dry out soon.

Well in the case of a face pack at least you don’t have to wait for a long time to dry it, which you surely have to do when you apply a face mask.

Oh! And here’s one more thing. A face pack is not just another face mask. Yes, the two have their differences. Before scrolling down to know what’s the difference between the two, let’s know first what is a face pack.

What is a Face Pack?

Many of you are well aware of what a face pack is, and we believe that you have used it too. For those who are unaware and have never applied a face pack on your facial skin, let us help you.

A face pack is a thick paste made with natural ingredients that you spread on your face, let it dry, and settle down on your facial skin. After a few minutes rinse it with water to have glowing, smooth, and unblemished skin.

If to be precise, there is no better way to pamper your facial skin than a face pack, because it is used to moisturize, cleanse, tone, and rejuvenate your facial skin.

Difference between a face pack and a face mask!

The very first difference between a face pack and a face mask is, where a face pack is a paste that is spread on the face with the help of either a brush or fingers. On the other hand, a face mask is a sheet that is placed on the face with utter care to cover all the facial parts except the eyes, nostrils, and lips.

The next difference is, a face pack dries effectively immediately and gives instant results in comparison to a face mask. A face mask on the other side of the road takes time to settle down to your facial skin, and then it starts drying out.

Where the instant face pack takes 15 minutes in its whole process from applying to rinse off, a face mask takes 20 to 25 minutes in its whole process. Also, a face pack goes deeper into the facial skin to remove the dead skin cells and bring out the natural glow on the face, and a face mask helps in getting rid of facial impurities.

Lastly, a face mask is generally made of clay, whereas a face pack can be of any ingredient depending on which facial issue you are looking to cure.

Types of face packs

As there are many facial issues faced by us all, there are different types of face packs available in the market. From deep cleansing, acne control to anti-aging, there are face packs available for any issue of yours.

The list of face packs is as follows:

  • Neem face pack for oily skin
  • Tulsi face pack for acne-prone skin
  • Multani Mitti face pack for tan skin
  • Turmeric face pack for acne-prone skin
  • Sandalwood face pack for dark circles
  • Enzyme face pack for sensitive skin
  • Mud face pack for dry skin
  • Jelly for dehydrated skin
  • Clove face pack for acne-prone skin
  • Clay face pack for oily and acne-prone skin
  • Hydro-gel face pack for sensitive skin
  • Gel face pack for dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin
  • Charcoal face pack for oily and acne-prone skin

There might be some face packs that are missed but none of the above-mentioned face packs are amiss when you are wishing for glowing, unblemished, and rejuvenated facial skin.

Dos and Dont’s for face pack:

Before moving further to know what types of face packs you can create at home, do remember the dos and don’ts for a face pack:


  • Cleanse your face before applying a face pack,
  • Keep your hands and brush clean while applying a face pack.


  • Don’t use any face pack, know what your skin type and what issue you are looking to be cured.
  • Don’t leave your face pack for too long, 15 minutes is the maximum for a face pack to dry out.

Homemade face packs:

There are many such ways to create a face pack at home according to your skin condition and what particular issue you are wishing to be treated in a healthy way. Let’s make face packs at home for different skin types.

Turmeric face pack:

Turmeric is the best antiseptic of all time, and you have probably seen a Hindu wedding ritual where ladies apply turmeric on the bride and groom’s face to give their faces some extra yet natural glow.

How to make:

To make a turmeric face pack at home, take two tablespoons of turmeric powder and two tablespoons of Multani Mitti, mix them in a bowl, and add a few drops of rosewater to make a paste. When the paste is ready, apply it on your face and rinse it off when it is dried.

Almond and Lemon face pack:

Almonds are rich in antioxidants, and lemon helps in balancing the natural pH. To cure facial dullness, there can never be any better option than an almond and lemon face pack.

How to make:

Take one tablespoon of almond powder, mix it in a bowl with one tablespoon of honey. Squeeze two tablespoons full of lemon juice and one tablespoon of milk to make it a paste. Spread on your face with the help of your fingers and remove the paste once dried, with wet fingers.

Aloe Vera face pack:

Aloe Vera is a great moisturizer and is taken as the most helpful ingredient for oily skin.

How to make:

Take Aloe Vera extract and mix it with lemon juice, apply the paste on your face and wash it after 10 to 15 minutes.

Multani Mitti face pack:

If you are tired of facing acne-prone issues and have tried almost everything to make the acne issue cured but have not gotten any helpful results. Let Multani Mitti help you in curing that issue.

How to make:

This face pack is the easiest to make, as you have just to mix the Multani Mitti powder with a little warm water. Apply the paste on your face and wash it out with lukewarm water once it is dry.

With effective results and affordable face packs that you always wish to be a part of your skincare routine, you can grab them online on Origine Naturespired’s website.

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