Everything You Need to Know About Electric Bikes Before Buying One

electric bikes

Electric bikes have already become an urban mobility solution. You can find lots of options available on the market.

But which one to choose? We will answer a series of questions to help you choose the right electric bike for you.

What is an electric bike?

A bicycle is a small two-wheeled vehicle without a motor that moves thanks to the force the human who drives it applies on the pedals. In the case of electric bicycles (ebike), all bicycles that receive pedaling assistance through an electric motor are considered electric bikes.

This electric motor can be located either on the bottom bracket or the rear wheel. Its main characteristic is that it can only assist on the force applied by the driver.

Do electric bikes need to have a registration, insurance and require a license to drive?

No: Assisted pedal bicycles don’t require registration, as they are considered cycles. For them, it’s not required to have civil liability insurance or have a specific license to drive them.

Of course, there are exceptions. For example, in the case of the Bultaco Albero, its construction characteristics do not meet the requirements to be approved as cycles and pass into the category of mopeds, so they do require registration.

Which electric bike should you buy?

The best part about electric bikes is that they are easy to use, and above all that, you do not have to pay anything other than the bicycle itself; no insurance, no registration, no license … nothing.

In short, the main thing is to be well informed before buying anything because currently on the market, especially when you are searching for a bike online, it is easy to find assisted pedal bicycles that do not meet the legal characteristics necessary to be considered bicycles.

Before buying an electric bike, consider the following requirements:

  • Motor power of an electric bike is not more than 250W;
  • Power is transmitted only and exclusively during pedaling;
  • Assistance is limited to 25 km / h;
  • The cycle has pedals: It seems obvious, but some mistakenly buy electric scooters thinking they are like bicycles.

Before the purchase, making sure the electric bike meets all the requirements as mentioned above will help you avoid unpleasant surprises in the future because if any of these points is not complied with, you could face fines or be forced to register the bicycle if you want to continue using it, with all that this entails.

Can you insure an electric bike?

Even if it is not an obligation to ensure an electric bike, that doesn’t mean it is not required. The insurance of an electric bike is essential as it can be expensive to repair. Insurance will help you ensure your electric bike against inconvenient events such as theft or accidental damage. Besides, you can also get personal injury cover with your electric bike insurance, which will give you a payout if you’re hurt while cycling.