Things You Need to Know About Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

A Canadian spousal sponsorship allows a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident of the country to sponsor their spouse. Thus, the spouse can come to Canada and live there permanently. What makes this sponsorship important is the fact that spousal sponsorship applications are considered a top priority.

So, if you apply for the same, you can arrive in the country much earlier!

If you are planning to marry a Canadian citizen, or you are already married to one, here, we are sharing some of the most important things that you must know about spousal sponsorship. Take a thorough read to understand the process better and to avoid making any errors in the application. 

What are some conditions that must be fulfilled to become a spousal sponsor in Canada?

The Canadian resident wishing to be a spousal sponsor must fulfill the following conditions that might change as well, in respect to some cases:

  • The citizen must have ZERO jail, penitentiary and reformatory record
  • They should have a clear history of paying family support payments, immigration loans, and performance bonds, etc 
  • They must be legally married to the person they are going to sponsor
  • They must not be receptive of government financial assistance 
  • Must not have any history of defaulting on an immigration loan
  • Must be 18+ years of age
  • They must financially assist their spouse for three years from the time of becoming a permanent resident
  • There must be no conviction records, such as violence against a relative
  • Must not be bankrupt and under a removal order
  • The spouse must live with the sponsor and must be 18+ years of age

How long does it take to get the spousal sponsorship approved?

The approximate period is 12 months. However, the applications might also take more than 12 months in some special cases. Some complicated spousal cases might take a longer period to get the sponsorship approved. 

Further, we recommend that you take the right steps right from the start. Making any mistakes in the application process, or making errors in the application form are going to unnecessarily delay your approval.

What documents are required for sponsoring your spouse in Canada?

While one or more documents might be demanded other than the ones mentioned below, depending on your case, the general document list is as follows (for the Canadian Citizen):

  • Completed questionnaire of Relationship Information and Sponsorship Evaluation 
  • Marriage certificate
  • Wedding invitations and photos as a marriage evidence
  • Your children’s Birth certificates or Adoption records with your spouse
  • Proof of marriage registration with a government authority

Apart from these documents, the sponsors are also required to submit any two of the following documents:

  • Proof of property owned jointly by you and your spouse
  • Joint bank account details
  • Government issued ID (copies)
  • Utility bills with your and your spouse’s names
  • Car insurance
  • Tax forms or pay stubs as address proof

How much money does the sponsor need for spousal sponsorship in Canada?

While many Canadian sponsorships require you to show a minimum amount of income or money, there is no such limit or condition for Canadian spousal sponsorship. However, the sponsor has to sign an undertaking, promising financial support for basic necessities of your spouse and dependents, such as children.

The period of this undertaking varies from one category of sponsorship to another. For spousal sponsorship (for spouses and conjugal or common law partners), the undertaking period is 3 years from the day of him or her becoming a permanent Canadian resident.

What is the cost of spousal sponsorship in Canada?

The government processing fees for the spousal sponsorship in Canada is a sum of many fees, the details for which you can find in the following section:

  • Sponsorship Fee: $75 CAD
  • Principal applicant processing fee: $475 CAD
  • Right of permanent residence fee: $500 CAD
  • Biometrics: $85 CAD
  • Total: $1135 CAD

The fee might vary from time to time and case to case. Hence, we recommend consulting the official government website for the latest information. 

Further, if the sponsors have dependent children, then they have to pay an additional amount of $150 for each child. 

Finally, if the sponsor is residing in Quebec or is planning to settle there after the approval of spousal sponsorship he or she has to deposit an additional fee of $289 CAD in addition to the amount mentioned above.

What are some reasons for the refusal of spousal sponsorship?

Some reasons that can lead to refusal of your spousal sponsorship include the following:

  • Inability to prove the legitimacy of your relationship
  • Illegal or abnormal conjugality depending on the nature of marriages in your home nation
  • Inability to demonstrate the similar knowledge about the marriage events or cultural norms for married couples in your home nation
  • Marriage ceremonies performed over the internet

What are some little known things about spousal sponsorship in Canada?

  • You can cancel the spousal sponsorship in Canada anytime before your spouse becomes a permanent Canadian resident.
  • Generally, the spouse doesn’t have to undertake any special interview for spousal sponsorship.
  • While the spouse can arrive in Canada while awaiting the spousal sponsorship for Canada, but there is no special visa they can apply for at that time. And, obtaining a temporary visa while a permanent one is under process is a bit difficult. 

This completes our discussion on spousal sponsorship in Canada. For more detailed information and for specific guidelines for complicated or special cases, we recommend checking the official websites of the Canada Government. Research well and can find the best immigration lawyers in Canada for a smooth and fast immigration process. 

Finally, always check the guidelines and understand them properly to avoid making any mistakes. 

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