It is no crime to desire a beautiful body. Almost all women have wanted larger breasts at some point of time in their life. Modern medicine has provided innumerable ways to get such desires fulfilled. So instead of shying away from such impulses, it’s time to embrace those wants and rebuild your confidence. The minimum age for breast augmentation,

Breast implantation is one popular way for women go for modifying the shape, size, and even texture of their breasts. Implants basically consist of silicone pads or pockets filled with either saline water solution (salt-water solution) or silicone solution. Besides these two there have been some other types of implants as well which are not so popularly used. 


Before you take this crucial decision, it is important to know what to expect and how much vivid difference does the breast implant before and after the results have?  

The whole thing depends upon what are your preferences and how you have discussed them out with your surgeons. Normally the breast enlargement procedure will take 3 months to achieve its prime. Because that is how long it takes to achieve its full size and shape. 

Post-operation checks and MRI Scans for at least three years post-surgery are highly recommended to keep a track of ruptures or any other issues. If you have used a saline water implant and it ruptures, then it doesn’t lead to any serious harm to the body as saltwater is absorbed easily. And also, the breasts deflate and the change is quite visible. But in case of rupture of saline solution implants, the change is silent, even when the liquid filler leaks. Moreover, it leads to malignant health issues in your body.

Even, naturally after undergoing breast implant surgery, the size of your breasts does not remain the same in the long run. The breasts deflate with age. Many women even go for a second surgery in their later years.   


Besides the obvious symptoms like bleeding, swelling, risk of infection, etc., there are a few unheard complications that patients are likely to face post-surgery.   

Even naturally, breasts are not identical. It is a scientifically proven fact that usually, one breast is larger than the other. However, after the surgery, if the breasts look highly asymmetrical in their shape, level and size then the change would be quite noticeable. In such situations, doctors recommend corrective surgery.

Another significant complication to watch out for is capsular contracture. During the breast implant surgery, after the doctor places a foreign object in the patient’s body, the scar tissue forms a capsule around it. It further contracts it in such a manner, which makes the breast appear higher than the other. If the contraction level reaches high abnormality levels, then the doctors prefer surgery to take out the implant and the scar tissue. 

    Like any other cosmetic surgery breast implant also comes with a lot of grave issues, but with the right doctors and proper following of breast implant before and after guidelines recommended by your surgeon you are likely to heal with glowing self-esteem.

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