BMW S55: Used Engine You Need To Know

bmw used engine

Anxious to have a go at something other than what’s expected, BMW places the V8 stage on peripherals as it left the normally suctioned execution engines with the send-off of its S55 motor. Aside from being the exhibition adaptation of N55, S55 has a ton to brag and demonstrate.

We need to dive further into its unwavering quality, parts, mechanical headways, moving parts, issues, and some more. We should get right to it. Get more information about the used engines to buy the best quality S55 used engines for sale in the USA. 

Engine BMW S55?

bmw used engine

Before we talk about BMW S55 motors, let us talk first with regards to its ancestor, the N55 motor. Since its creation in 2009, the N55 motor supplanted the N54 motor and presented it in the F07 5-series Gran Turismo.

N55 is a 3.0L motor and BMW’s first in a row six motor to utilize a twin-scroll turbocharger. It additionally accepted Ward’s best motor honors for three (3) sequential years from 2011-2013.

Since the appearance of the BMW S58 motor in 2015, the decrease underway of N55s was chosen. S58 is the pseudo-replacement engine for M3 and M4 vehicles.

In 2014, BMW appeared their S55 motor, N55’s replacement, for M3 and M4 vehicles. BMW, as a trustworthy vehicle producer, is attempting to withdraw from normally suctioned execution engines.

With the rebound of six-chamber, six inlines setup which is utilized in the past second and third era of M4 Coupe and M3 cars; we can anticipate numerous critical changes on this motor.

S55 however coming from N55, doesn’t share quite a bit of its highlights. The fundamental distinction between them is utilizing a solitary turbocharger and the expansion of Valvetronic (Variable Valve Lift) to further develop the choke reaction to diminish fuel utilization by around 15%.

Contrasts likewise incorporate shut deck motor square, lightweight driving rod, reinforced cylinders, different valve materials, twin turbos, twin fuel siphons, dynamic exhaust, and changed intercoolers.

S55 resembles N55 however on steroids. The superior exhibition rendition of the N55 motor is utilized for F80 M3, F82 M4, supplanting the BMW S65 normally suctioned V8 motor utilized in the earlier age M3.

There are six (6) adaptations of S55:

360HP adaptation that shows up in F87 M2 CS Racing; 405HP in F87 M2 Competition; 425HP in 2014-2018 F80 M3 and 2014-2020 F82/83 M4; 444HP in 2016-2018 F80 M3, 2016-Present F82/83 M4, and 2020 F87 M2 CS; 453 HP in 2018 F80 M3 CS and 2017-Present F82 M4 CS; and this form jumps to 493HP because of its water infusion framework. Also this motor shows up in 2015-2016 F82 M4 GTS and 2017 F82 M4DTM Champion Edition.

BMW S55 Engine Specs

S55 is an inline-6, high-fire-up, turbocharged petroleum motor.

Principally, It was intended for execution vehicles. It is furnished with the new BMW’s M TwinPower Technology: two mono-scroll turbochargers that can create up to 7500RPM, high accuracy direct-infusion, and Valvetronic VVT, and twofold VANOS variable camshaft timing that gives unlimited oversight on consumption valve lift.

It additionally permits the motor to convey its power bringing about lower fuel utilization proficiently. These high-fire-up machines are responsive, madly momentary to give straight command over a wide scope of fluctuating motor rates.

Normal Problems

Purchasing anything, including vehicles, requires work to do some little exploration in front of your projected buy date. It is crucial to search for data from past ages or the momentum model with respect to its minor or serious issues.

There are no ideal vehicles, and ultimately, whether or not we like it, issues will grow sooner or later.

Wrench Hub Issues

A grievance that attacked the S55 motors, that a few motors created before 2016 were disappointments that brought about a turned wrench center point. Be that as it may, the S55 center point is a similar plan utilized for N54 and N55.

It just so happens, the organization TPG Tuning, which sells post-retail wrench center points, made deceitful cases to sell a greater amount of their items. BMW replied, and they tackled it, and they add further developed it.

Valve Cover and Cover Gasket Oil Leaks

The S55 valve cover and elastic gasket are the parts that are more powerless to disintegration – like breaking and spillage that accompanies years and mileage.

We as a whole know the climate that these components go through, and it is irrefutably unforgiving – high temperatures, fluctuating tensions, and relentless cycles. This outrageous condition will ultimately obliterate the gaskets and result in oil spills.

The dependability of BMW’s S55 motor is comparable to its capacity to communicate the greatest fulfillment with its power and execution. It began hitting the roads six years prior and still does.

It has as of now demonstrated its life span, so it isn’t difficult to think about it as one of those solid engines out there.

S55 Mods and Key Features

Considered as one of the most ignored yet strong motors that BMW made, holding the torque record of 1,150HP. This new motor has a slight power overhaul that overturned the V8s with its rough 430HP, however with a few FBO mods like tune, downpipes, consumption, intercooler, it can reach 600hp gracefully.

The pinnacle force has likewise been expanded by more than 30% and 25% motor productivity increment. However certain individuals were baffled with their trickiness from the V8s, we can’t reject that they made the best decision in S55s.

Because of its crankcase configuration, enhanced crankcase shut deck, which expands its inflexibility, permits chamber strain to push for amplified power yield. Also, rather than liners, the bores include a twin-wire bend splash covering that fundamentally decreased the motor’s weight.

S55s have a profoundly progressed warm administration framework; it permits the motor and the encompassing moving parts to lessen warm pressure and other crumbling factors.

The cooling framework and motor inventory are likewise altered to fit a track-like climate for extraordinary execution. There are extra radiators separated from the primary for high and low-temperature circuits, turbochargers, and transmission.

Also, a temperature-balancing out electric water siphon guarantees the most extreme and productive execution.


With its new driving rod configuration, progressed warm administration framework, water-infusion innovation, decreased weight, adjusted cooling framework, productivity, and mileage, S55s may be perhaps the best motor from BMW.

However it has a few minor issues, it actually dwarfs the great over the terrible. This motor fits the people who need a solid and kick-in-the-back sort of ride.

I trust that this explains a few riddles in your mind on what you will purchase straight away.

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