How To Keep Kitchen Tile Grout Clean?

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Keeping your floors and carpet clean is a necessity. It helps in the maintenance of the rooms and prevents your carpet from wear and tear. Even the most expensive furniture can begin to deteriorate. Unfortunately, the cost of grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning is very high. It can cost you up to $500 in Australia. Thus, it is necessary to know about the most effective cleaning methods at a low cost. We are here to solve your problem and save you a few bucks.

Hiring a professional to look after the cleaning process can bring great results. Experts ensure that the entire tile grout is cleaned-up without any strain or extra damage. They take extra precautions to deliver a satisfying consumer experience. Grout cleaning is not a simple process, it takes an expert and scientific approach to clean it deeply. The same can be done for upholstery cleaning. If you want to know about our upholstery cleaning service then visit here.

You can also use some home remedies. Home remedies can clean out the grouts to a great extent. Home-made solutions are capable of improving the condition of your tiles. Many items in your home can create effective cleaning solutions.

The kitchen should always be well maintained. An unhygienic look can ruin the taste of food and leave a bad impression. Hence, it is necessary to clean its tiles regularly. Similarly, regular cleaning of the upholstery will give it a premium look. It leaves an ever-lasting impact. We have listed some cleaning methods that you can try out.

Regular cleaning

It involves the simple regular cleaning that you can do yourself. It consists of daily wiping and spraying methods. Regular spraying can prevent strains from occurring. Buying a good squeegee is the first step in this process. Just wipe the tiles with squeegee and the uppermost strains will vanish. You can spray your tile with a vinegar solution. Mix water with Vinegar in a 4:1 ratio and you will have a great cleaning solution. It is eco-friendly with no use of harmful chemicals. You can spray that solution in a scrub and mop your tiles with it. Using chemical substances in the kitchen is very risky. Therefore, using such vinegar solutions will do your job without contaminating the food. This cleaning method can save you a lot of money.

Weekly deep cleaning

Deep cleaning once a week is very fruitful for the quality of the tiles. Many times, the oil from the food can stick on the tiles. Ignoring it can lead to permanent spots that are very difficult to remove. That is why it is necessary to clean it weekly. 

Create a baking soda paste. Mix it with water and rub that solution into the tiles. You can use a brush or even an old toothbrush to clean it. It ensures that the cleaning solution reaches deep into the tiles. If your grout has many stains then apply hydrogen peroxide instead of water. Before using hydrogen peroxide solution, rinse the tiles off with vinegar-water solution. 

For high stained grouts

Sometimes due to laziness or tight schedules, we ignore the stains in our kitchen grout tiles. It can ruin the look of your kitchen. We suggest you use bleach to get rid of heavy stains. You can use a bleach pen. It helps in focusing the power of the bleach so that the stains are cleaned deeply.  A bleach pen is effective for smaller surfaces and minimizes any chance of contact with the tiles. We advise you to use an oxygen-based bleach. It is more gentle as compared to its chloride form. It works superbly against stubborn stains. Apply it with a brush and rinse it with clean water. 

If it does not work, then use a chlorine bleach spray. It is harsher than oxygen-based bleach. So, we advise you to test it on a small surface before going all-out with it. 

There are some great grout cleaners in the market that you can buy. They can remove mold from the tiles and give a shining look. The commercial products work in one of two methods; spray and wipe or scour with a brush. Spray products can save your time but they contain harmful chemicals. On the other hand, Scouring is a time-consuming method but they are more effective against harsh stains. 

If the above-explained methods do not work, you can change the entire grout. It is known as grout renewal. You can take the help of a cleaning company. They will change the entire grout. After changing the grout, they can add a layer of color and protection against stains to make it future-proof.

If the homemade remedies do not work then go for a professional tile cleaning company. Different tiles require different methods. The experts know about the best suitable methods for your tile type. The age of the tiles also matters. With the right scientific approach, you can remove heavy stains. 

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