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If you ever thought that you would love to have a space to have breakfast or have a coffee in your kitchen, this is your chance to find that bar that you want so much. In this article we will show you many ideas that adapt to all sizes and styles of kitchens, so you can find the ideal bar for you.

We all want to get the most out of our kitchen, as it is a widely used space in our daily lives and are gaining more and more importance as a meeting place. It is no longer considered only a service space, but the kitchen has been transformed into the center of the house, at any time of the day.

That is why we want you to make the most of it and a great option is to integrate a bar in the kitchen, since it is an element that adds functionality, but also design. Look at all the ideas to create beautiful and useful bars in your kitchen.

Add a bar to your kitchen island

The kitchen with island are currently used because they allow flexibility and better use of the environment, so if you have room you can choose to incorporate an island with breakfast bar and have the best of both in a single element.

On the islands you can integrate many functionalities such as kitchen appliances, storage spaces, food preparation and, why not, a bar to enjoy cooking with coffee in hand.

Add an extra countertop in the kitchen

With a cantilever of just 40 centimeters deep you can add a breakfast bar to any table. Using the same material on the countertop as in the bar, you integrate this element in the kitchen in a more harmonious way.

You can opt for a cantilever along the countertop, as we see in the photo, or a small square at the end of it. This decision will depend on the size of your kitchen, taking into account the minimum size of 80 centimeters between the bar and another element that you need to use each stool.

Create a bar with a cantilever of other material

Add an overhang over the counter, which is another material to highlight. You can opt for a block of granite of another color, a piece of wood or any other material that is suitable for countertop, to create a very original and modern bar.

It is important to take into account the height that the bar will have and choose stools with the right size so that they are comfortable or you can also look for stools that are adjustable, so that each person adapts it to their needs.

Form an L-shaped kitchen with a bar

Ideal to create a more interesting kitchen, you can add an open bar to form a kitchen in L. This kitchen layout is ideal to take advantage of all the walls if it is a closed space, or that serves as a divider when we have a kitchen open

In addition, choosing another material to use in the bar, you integrate a very interesting design element, as we see in this white kitchen with the wooden bar, making it stand out.

Place a suspended bar on the wall

If the countertop space is limited, you can choose to create a floating bar on any wall that you have empty in the kitchen. Remember to measure the space to know if you have enough place to use the bar and stools comfortably.

It is best to opt for the minimum in depth of the bar and choose stools that you can store below it, saving space in the kitchen when you are not using it. It is also a good idea to opt for a folding bar, which is stored against the wall and gain more space in the kitchen.

Take advantage of the space under the window

Nothing better than breakfast with a good view, so if you have a window in the kitchen you should take advantage of it in the best way. A good option is to integrate a small bar under the window where you can have coffee while the sun enters through the window and you can also use it to place plants and receive lots of sunlight.

Use the bar as a room divider

If in your home you have a kitchen open to the living room or dining room , you can use the bar to create a division between these spaces. In addition to creating a useful surface that can be used on both sides, you close the passage to the kitchen a bit creating visual separation.

Take advantage of the hallways in your kitchen

If you have a passageway in your kitchen and want to take advantage of it in the best way, opt for a small bar against the wall that you can use for breakfast in the mornings. To give unity, it is best to do it in the same material as the kitchen furniture and create an integrated element.

Follow the countertop line with the bar

Ideal for small kitchens and also achieve a visual unit, opt for floating bars that are the same width as the countertops and that follow the furniture line against the wall. Not only does it maintain harmony in the design, but it also integrates a useful element and you can use the bottom part to store the stools. But for countertop Acrylic solid surface sheet is the best option.

Don’t waste space between columns

If you have columns in your kitchen that prevent you from opening it completely to the next environment, you can use this obstacle to delimit a bar area. In this way, you can support the bar on the columns and give a framework to the communication of the kitchen with the atmosphere that follows.

Remove some furniture to create a bar

To take advantage of the furniture and countertop that you already have, you can choose to remove some furniture under table to create an empty space and more comfortably use the stools. In addition, this idea integrates the bar in a very harmonious way with the rest of the kitchen furniture.

Use a low wall to make a bar

When integrating an open kitchen in the home, sometimes a small wall is chosen to separate the spaces, but at the same time keep them together visually. You can take advantage of the wall to also add a bar, with a granite or wood overhang over it.

Choose a small wooden bar

Opt for an independent bar, which can be custom made and placed in any available corner of the kitchen. The completely wooden bars are ideal for vintage kitchens, integrating a warm material into a service space.

You can put your bar against the island, as we see in the photo, or place it on any free space wall. The good thing about this idea is that it is very easy and economical to make, only with three pieces of wood of the correct size.

Integrate a space-saving drop-down bar

In small kitchens, you can save space with a bar that is saved when you finish using it. You can opt for a retractable piece that is hidden inside the kitchen furniture and have a bar available at all times, without taking away space.

Or a very modern rotating bar

Another option of bars that hide when we do not need them, ideal for modern kitchens. This type of bars requires more space ahead to turn, but it is also ideal to form an L-shaped kitchen and gain support surfaces.

Use an open bar to give visual unity

Especially in small kitchens, it is better to opt for open bars that let light and sight pass, avoiding creating a visual obstacle in space. A simple bar of these characteristics is also very useful when integrating different materials or colors in kitchens, to give it a very original design detail.

Benefits of Acrylic solid surface countertops

If the kitchen cabinet is longer or there is rotation angle of the cabinet, which require to join. Solid surface countertop not only can be cut into a selection of shapes, combined into an assortment of patterns, could be done seamless joining at the corner. And after polishing, solid surface countertop will be a good decorative effect. Flexibond is one of the best Acrylic Solid Surface Sheet Manufacturer in Ahmedabad.

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