Kids Room Decoration


The end of classes is fast approaching! Over the year, you have probably accumulated an impressive amount of drawings and crafts. But there are other options than the fridge door to display them! You can teach your kids about early education from our websites

Here are 12 original and easy-to-achieve ideas to showcase the masterpieces of your budding artists.

Frames recovered

We are recovering old disparate frames from which the glass has been removed. Painted in the same vibrant color. They create a harmonious overall effect. Perfect for presenting designs with glued elements in relief. (Pasta, cotton balls, etc.)

Frames supported on a tablet

Tablets for storing 3D crafts and framed drawings. Leaning the frames on a tablet allows you to rotate the graphics over time without making holes in the walls!

On a metal wire

Usually used for hanging light curtains, this metal wire clip system gives a modern and tidy” look. They are very versatile so that you can turn small crafts as well as drawings on paper.

On clipboard

We create a beautiful symmetrical arrangement with clip shelves that we get from a stationery store. A variation would be to paint the frames in a beautiful, cheerful shade.

Digital mosaic

Here is the ideal solution when you have accumulated a lot of drawings, and you can not get rid of them! Scan your artist’s artwork to create a stunning framed mosaic. You can then keep the pictures in a box but also present them on your walls.

A gallery wall

A repetition of the same frame creates a whole in harmony.

Unique cushions

Immortalize your children’s creations by transferring the most beautiful designs onto white cushions.

A cork wall

Cover an entire section of the wall with cork? Why not? Cork is sold in rolls in hardware stores. You could also frame a selection of pins with moldings in the style of a chalkboard.

A digital book

Have you decided to switch to “decluttering” mode? It’s time to digitize all of these beautiful works and make a scrapbook!

Plastic pouches

A great idea and very economical! Black plastic sleeves that you get from a stationery store become beautiful support for gouaches and collages. This system also makes it possible to make a regular rotation of the drawings.

Clothes clips

A straightforward idea and so pretty! Your clip racks come out of the closet and become perfect frames.

Clamps on boards

Easy, easy! We adapt the concept to our style. You can nail a wooden board: paper clips, attach a string to it like a clothesline, or wooden glue clothespins to it. Displaying our children’s creations shows them our pride and boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

And between you and me, is there a better way to personalize your decor.

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