Mastering Technical Analysis: Key Strategies for Trading with Vault Markets

trading with vault markets
            Broker’s Name                      Vault Markets
            Headquartered                South Africa
            Founded                  2021
        Regulating Authority                  FSCA
        Demo Account                    No
       Institutional Account                    No
        Maximum Leverage                    1:500
       Minimum Deposit                    $5/ZAR 80                     
   PlatformTypes                         MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  Tradable Assets OfferedCommoditiesForexIndicesShares
Withdrawal OptionsSkrillPerfect moneyNetellerInternet BankingInternet TransferBitcoinBankCard
        Deposit OptionsBank CardBitcoinInternet BankingNetellerInternet TransferPerfect moneySkrill

Vault Markets is a financial trading platform. The broker is based in South Africa and has regulation of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA).

VaultMarket operates under the supervision of the Financial Sector Conduct Authority in South Africa, holding license number FSP-49015. This diligent regulatory framework guarantees that VaultMarket operates as a secure and credible brokerage. 

With stringent oversight from a higher regulatory entity encompassing all aspects of the broker’s functions, the risks associated with fraudulent practices are markedly reduced. As a result, traders can make their choice with confidence, opting for best brokers in town.

VaultMarket as a dependable and safeguarded platform for their asset investments, free from any apprehensions regarding possible fraudulent schemes.

Traders can use the platform to trade in various trading instruments and make efficient trades. 

Also, the broker has the best of trading platforms that ensure secure trading. MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 can be used by the traders to access different trading features of the broker such as technical analysis, tools, and indicators. 

Here, with the article we’ll focus on mastering technical analysis with the key strategies available with the Vault Markets platform. 

Vault Market’s Trading Platforms

Trading platforms are the efficient softwares that make trading easier. At Vault Markets traders can have the best trading platforms; MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5. These platforms are considered as the most effective and used platforms for smooth trading online. 

The MetaTrader4 platform in today’s time is the gold standard in terms of innovative and powerful trading platforms according to Vault Markets. The wide use of the platform, its capability of processing dozens of financial instruments and transactions makes it a reliable platform. 

It is used by retail traders. Traders can use it to trade in forex, and it also supports futures, indices, equities and other CFD transactions. Traders from all experience levels can use it as its user-friendly. 

The facilities of the platform include: 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Advanced charting features
  • Technical analysis tools
  • Automated trading capabilities 
  • Multiple account base currencies
  • Available in 30 different languages 
  • Robust security 
  • Convenient mobile trading 
  • Distributed architecture 

The same qualities are available with MetaTrader5 and it is much more advanced than MT4. So, traders can use these trading platforms to access the various technical analysis tools and services to frame their trading strategies. 

Here we have the tools and strategies that traders can access with the platforms: 

Educational Tool 

At Vault Markets traders can have an education tool facility to learn. There are educational materials and tools that the broker offers for traders to understand financial markets. 

The tools included are:

  • Seminars
  • Webinars
  • Trading analysis 
  • Videos 
  • E-books 
  • Podcasts
  • FAQs


STEP 1. Navigate to the Vault Markets website.

STEP 2. Locate the “Register” icon positioned on the right side of the website to initiate the account opening process.

STEP 3. Provide all the necessary details in the designated form.

STEP 4. Confirm your agreement to the terms and conditions by selecting “Register Now.”

STEP 5. An email confirming your registeration will be sent to you.

STEP 6. Upon confirmation, proceed to deposit funds and submit the required documents.

Research Tool 

Research tools are to support traders in analysing market and changes. With such tools traders can have good knowledge and skills to find out significant changes in the market. 

Thus, they can refine their trading. There are fundamental research tools with the broker such as economic calendar, and with the platforms there are advanced capabilities and services. 

Trading Strategies 

Trading strategies are the plan or style of trade that traders can use. A strategy is the systematic methodology that traders can use to buy and sell the assets. It is based on predefined rules of the trader and their trading decisions. 

It could be simple for some and complex involving considerations like investment style. 

Some of the popular trading styles used in financial trading are: 

  • Day trading: It is a short term strategy that involves trading till the market is open for the day. Traders have to be skilled to make quick decisions and earn high profits. 
  • Scalping: It is another short term trading style which involves trading for a few minutes. The strategy helps traders earn small profits and annually have high earnings. It is very short trade and requires good market expertise. 
  • Range trading: The strategy is to analyse the support and resistance level of the asset. Traders can analyse it to make their trading decision. They can know the asset is oversold or overbought in the market. 
  • Position trading: The strategy is to analyse the market trading position with the strategy. Traders using the style trade for long term in assets it is mostly for years and do not get affected by small market fluctuations. 
  • Swing Trading: With the style traders analyse the swings formed within the asset. They analyse these swings to trade and make their trading decisions. It is a medium term strategy and ranges from one week to one month. 


Having comprehensive knowledge about trading significantly simplifies the trading process. The article delves into the features and benefits of the trading platform known as Vault Markets, which is designed to assist its clients effectively. 

By utilising this platform, traders gain valuable insights into the technical analysis services provided by the broker. 

Moreover, the platform offers a wide array of essential trading strategies that enable traders to navigate the market efficiently. These strategies empower traders to conduct successful trades using the broker’s online services. 

By leveraging the resources and expertise available through Vault Markets, traders can enhance their trading experience and achieve favourable outcomes. Ultimately, possessing a thorough understanding of trading and utilising the services offered by Vault Markets can greatly contribute to a trader’s success in the market.