It’s no more a big deal if the battery of your car is dead. Here, you will get to know how you can quickly and safely jumpstart a car battery. Jumping a car battery is one of the simplest jobs however, quite surprisingly most people are unaware of the process. Even if some people manage to learn the process, after some time they forget which cable goes where. So, it is always better to hire professionals to jumpstart car, because they know better how to jump start a car

The basic necessities of car driving:

There are certain things that every car owner should be aware of. These are basic things and thus, it can help them from stranded situations. Before hitting the road it is crucial to know the process of:

  • Changing a flat tyre
  • Jumping the dead battery of the car
  • Topping off the oil

Knowing these will let you keep safe while travelling. Now, when it comes to jump starting process, here is the complete description of the process through which you can understand it clearly. 

How to jump start a dead battery with cables

The car jumpstart process with cables has to be done with the help of another car with a live battery. 

  • Make sure both the cars are turned off
  • The red cable is positive and thus, consider connecting it to the positive terminal on the stalled battery
  • Connect the other end of the jumper cable to the positive terminal of the good battery
  • The other cable (the black one) is negative and it should be connected to the unpainted metal surface positioned under the hood of the disabled car
  • Turn on the source car from where the jumping process will start
  • Leave it running for about a couple of minutes before starting the dead car
  • Remove the cables in reverse order
  • Leave the jumped car running for about 30 minutes to provide sufficient time for recharging

 how to jumpstart a dead battery without cables  

The process of jump start car is also possible without cables. With a standard transmission car, you can jump start the dead battery even without cables. For this, you need to find – 

  • A stretch a clear downward sliding road
  • Depress the clutch and place the first gear of the car
  • Turn the ignition on
  • Make sure to keep your foot off from the brake and start rolling down the road while leaving the clutch depressed in the same way
  • Keep running till the speedometer shows 5 to 7 miles per hour
  • Release the clutch immediately and you can sense that the engine is trying to get started, if it doesn’t start with the first try, depress the clutch and release in the same way you have done before

If this isn’t possible in your area, you have no option other than calling the experts who can provide car jump start service.

How will you determine if your car’s battery is dead?

A stalled car is not always the cause of a dead battery. Therefore, you need to make sure whether or not, the problem is arising from the battery. When turning the ignition on if the engine makes cracking noise, you need not worry about the battery. Therefore, jump starting the battery will not make any sense. On the contrary, when turning the ignition on, if the car does nothing at all, it can be the perfect sign of dead battery.

This is when you need to jump start the car. Usually, the problem with a dead battery isn’t common when the car is being driven on a regular basis. If it sits for a longer period, the battery becomes prone to losing charge from within. Older batteries find it hard to hold the charge and thus, may leave stranded anywhere unexpectedly. The problem can also arise if you leave the power accessories in the car for a long time. Jump starting a dead battery requires professional knowledge and thus, you should be aware of the same. 

Book an expert service for the jumpstart

Whether you belong to a logistics service, fleet service, hotel transportation service, hospital logistics service, or private or public bus service, regular vehicle inspection, servicing, and maintenance is mandatory. After a prolonged lockdown, you may need a vehicle jumpstart service. Expert technicians and engineers will inspect your vehicle to find and fix the issues accordingly. 

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