Start Serving Your Users Fresh Food And Pizza Delicacies With Jumia Food Clone App

jumia food clone app

With the pandemic hitting, there is a sudden surge in on demand food delivery apps. Specifically speaking, there is a hardcore pizza delivery app –delivering nothing but pizza. There are thousands of apps made every day offering a wide range of pizza and food delicacies from a nearby restaurant. The competition is getting stiff, but you can still stand out from the rest by developing the Jumia food clone app for your business. Not sure? We give you a glimpse of the Jumia food app and how the clone app can be beneficial to your food business.

Why Develop Jumia Food Clone App?

Almost every restaurant is listed on the on demand delivery apps today. Hence, the apps offer great convenience in letting users place orders from the comforts of their homes.

Jumia food clone app is the quickest and easy on-demand food ordering app. The app connects people with restaurants nearby.

We are foodie people and with so many varieties available in Pizza ordering and other food delicacies, order food should be easy and hassle-free. Ordering your food using the Jumia Food clone app includes 4 basic steps:

  • Browse nearby offering food delivery in your location
  • Choose your favorite food/ grocery store from the nearby locations
  • Add to your cart and make the payment
  • Receive pizza /food at your doorstep

It is an on demand responsive mobile app that works well on all the gadgets.

Benefits Of Developing Jumia Clone App For Your Business

Online ordering / pickup/ contact less delivery

When your customers are unable to visit the restaurant, you go to them. This is the USP for selling during the Pandemic. Several pizzerias and restaurants got listed in the wake of the lockdown. Thus the app is helping businesses by offering customers to order their favorite food.

The simple yet interactive layout gets you more users

People do not like to try new things especially when it is app like stuff. The Jumia clone app has a similar interface to that of the original one making it easy for your customers to place orders easily. Thus, the app lures more customers and more customers’ means more business.

Easy to streamline your food delivery business

The app acts as your virtual office, enabling customers to place an order quickly and do the payment. It doesn’t require visiting the restaurant; it makes it super easy and convenient saving the hassles of maintaining social distancing during pandemics.

Also, the app dashboard gives you a 360-degree view of your entire business activities. It provides complete information that includes

  • Order confirmations
  • Delivering orders
  • Total number of orders
  • Which restaurants are getting more response, price change,
  • Modifying the categories/listing, managing earnings, getting detailed insights, and more.

Everything is taken care of thus saving huge operational costs.

Enhances online presence through reviews

Jumia clone app has a feature to provide reviews and ratings from the customers. This gives you a fair view of what they loved about the app and what they didn’t. This way you get to improvise on your app features, modify certain things so that more and more users use them. When it has a huge customer app, it automatically uplifts the brand image and revenue.

How Does Jumia Food Clone App Development Proceed?         

The clone app is developed on latest iOS& Android technologies that helps your app target more users.  Thus, the team of developers primarily focuses on your food delivery concept. Features to incorporate, OS platform, technology stack and so on. Thus, the Jumia clone app comprises of all essential and advanced level features ensuring a comfortable ordering experience to your customers.

  • Discuss your food delivery app concept and what kind of expectations it requires demonstrating.
  • What kind of features you wish to add, get a demo of your app.
  • Discuss with your team of how you can make the app more unique to attract more customers. The team is an experienced know-how will suggest you to unique features.
  • You get to have your own brand and logo on the app. This ready made customize app is all set to launch in the market.

Concluding Notes

Jumia Food clone app is an on demand mobile app, similar to that of UberEats, Grubhub allowing your users to order food from the nearby locations. The food app has a website too. Thus, allowing customers to place their orders. Download the app from the Play Store/ App Store. Hence, it is a great opportunity for you app to make a mark in an on demand food deliver industry. Discuss your app idea with the white label mobile app solution to gain a better clarity. Thus, take demo on how the app functions, check the client reviews before making a purchase. Let your customers order and enjoy delicious mouth-watering Nigerian food, pizza, pasta and some salads.

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