John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019)

john wick chapter 3


Year: 2019

Genre: Militants, Thrillers

Country: USA

Release date in Russia: 05/16/2019

World premiere: May 15, 2019

Producer: Chad Stahelski

Scenario: Derek Kolstad, Chris Collins, Shay Hatten

Producer: Basil Ivanik, Joby Harold, Erica Lee

Composer: Joel J. Richard, Tyler Bate

Movie description

The film john wick 3 subtitle continues the story of the famous killer played by Keanu Reeves, who is forced to confront the best killers from all over the world because a high award has been assigned to his head. The plot will continue the story of the action movies John Wick and John Wick 2. It was again directed by Chad Stahelski and composed by Tyler Bates ( Guardians of the Galaxy, Blazing Blonde, Deadpool 2 ) and Joel J. Richard ( Billionaires Club ). The age rating is 16+ Until recently, he dreamed of retirement and tying up with his criminal past, the super-killer named Baba Yaga, breaks the main rule and kills the mafia boss at the Continental Hotel. Now, declared a pariah and excommunicate, for whose reward is promised fourteen million dollars, he is on the run. And in his footsteps, the best assassins of the whole world are already beginning their hunt. It will be very difficult to resist the best of the best, and now the main character will have to show all his best skills, honed during his criminal career.

The cast of the film again heads Keanu Reeves ( Reproduction, How to marry a bachelor, Daughter of God ), the company he is the third part of the makeup Halle Berry ( Abduction, Emergency Call, Dark Tide ), Ian McShane ( Hellboy, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides ) Laurence Fishburne ( Ant-Man and the Wasp, Passengers, Man of Steel ), Jerome Flynn ( Van Gogh. Love, Vincent ), Angelica Houston ( Gasp, Once Upon a Time in Rome, Fantastic Mr. Fox) other. The premiere date in Russia is to take place in cinemas on May 16, 2019 and is distributed by Central Partnership.

Review of the film John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum 2019

john wick 3 subtitle is a film with little or no dialogue, with a rudimentary plot and serious holes in logic. Nevertheless, it is simply impossible to tear yourself away from him – this is an action movie raised to the rank of high art.

So, john wick 3 subtitle starts five minutes after the end of John Wick 2. Wick broke the law of the criminal community and a huge bounty was assigned to his head. He has an hour to get out of New York.

Actually, on this you can forget about the plot of the film: John Wick rushes around New York in search of a way out, tries to use old connections (you will never believe what nationality and from which country Wick is, and what his real name sounds like). Goes to the other end of the world. Accepts an offer that cannot be refused … And refuses it. In a word, John Wick remains John Wick – he continues to knock his forehead through walls that do not exist, leaving hundreds of corpses in his path.

Wick, as always, is laconic: it is unlikely that the hero of Keanu Reeves utters more than a hundred words for the entire film. But you empathize with him more than characters in wordy psychological dramas. You worry, but you are not afraid of him – Wick will destroy everyone who dares to stand in his way. John Wick 3 is the quintessential action film. The fight is interrupted here only so that the cameraman and specialists in digital processing of the frame can also, like actors and stuntmen, demonstrate their level of skill. If John Wick 2 at one time seemed to us too mechanical, predictable, and monotonous, somewhat reminiscent of a level from a mid-range shooter, then in John Wick 3 the directors of battle scenes gave everything they could – ingenuity, diversity, variability, originality. John Wick fights in various fighting styles, uses melee weapons of all types and sizes, uses environmental objects, equipment, animals (not a single horse was harmed during the filming of the film!) … and, of course, shoots a lot and in a variety of ways. His opponents have pumped, but John is not far behind. Members of the crew of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum claim that 98% of everything you see in the frame, Keanu Reeves does himself. We readily believe them. And although in some hand-to-hand fights, small hesitation between blows is still felt, there are no questions about the shooting. In general, all the stunts in the film look real. It’s probably this obsession, the involvement of the actor in the filming process, as well as the similar obsession with Tom Cruise in the Mission: Impossible series, make these two franchises the best action films in Hollywood history. It is said that Halle Berry herself came to Chad Stahelski and asked for any role in John Wick 3, no matter what. So the character and the whole story arc in Morocco were written specifically for her. And you know, it seems like it was a very right investment of the writers’ and crew’s time. Even though Halle had to train for almost six months, tightening her physical shape (even in Extant it was noticeable that the actress was a little softened), studying martial arts and shooting; despite all the difficulties that arose during the filming of scenes with shepherd dogs because of … Moroccan cats; despite the hours spent practicing interaction with Keanu in the frame … It was worth it, because at the output we got probably one of the most spectacular and impressive action scenes in the history of cinema. Bravo, Halle.

Connoisseurs of classic martial arts films will surely like the appearance in John Wick 3 of Mark Dacascos (American Samurai, Double Dragon, Drive), and fans of Indonesian action movies – Yayana Ruhyan (The Raid and The Raid 2).

In John Wick had many imitators trying after the first part again quite simple, at first glance, the formula of the picture. Atomic Blonde, Hotel Artemis, Polar … All by. Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves and a bit of madness were missing. Well, that means we will wait for John Wick 4, and there is no doubt that he will appear because after preparing for war, the war itself will surely come.

PS In the middle of the film, there is a scene in which John Wick 3 says hello to the spin-off Ballerina, which has been in development since 2017.

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