The Most Effective Method to Start the Job Search

Job search in philippines

Your results are declared, you are a graduate. Wow! Congratulatory messages are pouring in and you are basking in the glory of your success. But soon the reality of finding a job strikes. The job search is a cakewalk for some but for some, it could be a stressful and overwhelming process. However, careful meticulous planning will help. Read on to know more about the most effective method to start the job search. 

Know What You Want

To find the dream job quickly, you end up applying for anything and everything. This could, however, lead to your failure. So calm your nerves and think about your expertise, the industry you want to work, the company, job profile and alike. Once you have zeroed down on the industry/industries apply for the job vacancies. 

Design the Perfect Resume 

When you think of a job, the first thing you should have is a well-crafted resume. The resume is your first meeting with your prospective employer and it ought to be perfect. It should have the power to grab the attention of the employer. One important aspect is that your resume should be tailor-made for each job you apply. While writing your resume highlight all your strengths, expertise, achievements, internships or voluntary done. Basically, convince the employer why you are the best candidate for a particular job.  

The resume is supported by the cover letter. The cover letter helps in elaborating your achievements. 

Opt for video resumes instead of text ones to get noticed. The video resume is a short yet crisp video that covers all your selling points. A video resume gives a face to your otherwise mundane paper resume. For a great job, a great resume is the first stepping stone for your success. 

Be Active on Job Portals  

Create your account on the job portals. The job portals have many jobs in their database and the companies also keep going through the job portals to search for the candidates capable to join their teams. By creating an account on job portals such as Jobaxy, you are always visible to them you could be lucky enough to grab your dream job. 


Networking is one more significant aspect in your job search as it goes much beyond the online searches. Your connections matter. Let us get into details. 

  • Personal Connections – Spread the word out. Let your family, friends, and acquaintances know you are looking for a job so that they can give you any leads. Remember it is easier to land an interview if you know someone in the company. 
  • College Alumni Association – Take advantage of the college alumni association. Stay connected with the members and look for any leads. 
  • College Placement Office – The placement offices in the university have their own database of job vacancies. Register there.  
  • Job Fairs – Attend the job fairs. These career fairs give you a great chance to submit your resume to various companies. You can also meet the hiring managers and strike a chord with them, which certainly can be beneficial in future. 
  • Connect Through Social Media – You can connect with like-minded people through online blogs and forums. These connections can also be beneficial to land you a job interview. 

 Professional Social Media Presence 

The employers nowadays visit your social media accounts to know you more as a person. Your social media presence can certainly be advantageous if you are following the right people and engaging in worthy conversations. Keep your social media presence professional and appropriate avoid any unruly remark or comments, the employers will be attracted. 

Follow this guide during your job search, you will be successful. For more details regarding the job search Philippines, get in touch with any of our team members at Jobaxy, we are more than happy to help. 

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