7 Ideas for Decorating with A Jimny Roof Rack

Jimny Roof Rack

Having a multipurpose car is vital, especially if you enjoy outdoor adventures. The Suzuki Jimny is the best option for you as an off-road lover because of its small size and 4W capabilities. The Jimny roof rack provides enough space for your luggage and equipment, making it easy to carry all that you need at once on your trip. 

But a roof rack does not have to be practical; it can be a great opportunity to showcase your styles and interests.

This article will explore seven ideas for decorating a Jimny roof rack.

1. Adding A Roof Top Tent

Jimmy roof rack is commonly used to attach a rooftop tent to it. This is an excellent method of converting your car into mobile camping and a decorative way to enhance the beauty of land rover roof rack. In Germany, Front Runner, a manufacturing facility that provides tents, water tanks, and other camping accessories got you covered. 

You can purchase rooftop tents in various styles, from basic pop-up tents to complicated ones with a built-in kitchen and bathroom. A rooftop tent allows you to camp almost anywhere, from the top of the mountains, outside your house, to lonely beaches. You are making it an ideal approach to get closer to nature and enjoy the outdoor experience.

2. Displaying Banners/Flags

Flags and banners are a simple and pocket-friendly way of decorating with a Jimny roof rack. The display makes you stand out from the rest throughout your adventure. Additionally, displaying flags and banners on your roof rack can be an interesting way of starting a conversation with other road travelers. Whether you are showing off your patriotism or support for your favorite team, who knows, you might meet with fellow adventurers who have common interests and exciting stories like you.

When selecting a flag or a banner, consider the material, size, and durability. You should ensure it is large enough to be visible but sizable not to obstruct you when driving and durable to withstand wind and weather conditions.

3. Adding A Kayak/Surfboard Carrier

A kayak or surfboard carrier on your Jimny roof rack is useful and a fashionable and athletic way to decorate your car. It is an excellent way to show off your adventurous side while at the same time making your vehicle appear spottier. Adding a kayak or surfboard carrier lets you safely transport your water sports equipment.

This is a fantastic way to explore new waters and catch some waves while traveling, making saving money on rental costs easy. So, if you are a water sports enthusiast, add a kayak or a surfboard carrier to your Jimny roof rack.

4. Installing Solar Panels

Installing a solar panel on your Jimny’s roof rack may be a convenient yet fashionable method of harnessing energy from the sun. It offers a sustainable energy source that can power your car battery while adding a unique decorative feature to your car. When mounting the solar panel, you should select one that blends well with the style of your Jimny.

Solar panels come in various sizes, shapes, textures, and colors. For example, some have a sleek black finish, while others have a textured surface that can add an aesthetic quality to your Jimny roof rack. You can also choose to install LED lights around the edge of the solar panel to give it a modern appearance.

5. Make an Attractive Garden

Setting up a rooftop garden is a fun and innovative way to decorate your Jimny roof rack. It is a brilliant concept for you if you desire a green space, a touch of nature to your trip. A rooftop garden is also environmentally friendly since it absorbs carbon dioxide, reduces air pollution, and lowers the temperature levels in the car.

You can customize the garden by choosing plants, colors, and textures that fit your style, such as; brightly colored flowers for a more aesthetic enhancement. You can also add ornaments like small statues or light to increase the visual appearance of your garden

6. Adding A Sound System

A sound system on a Jimny roof rack improves its functionality and boosts its aesthetic appeal. Setting up an outdoor speaker on the Jimny roof rack allows you to create a distinctive look on your car. You should choose speakers with diverse sizes and shapes so as to meet your musical preferences. Some are equipped with built-in LED lights that add an extra visual appeal.

Note that a Jimny roof rack sound system can elevate your driving experience as well as your vehicle’s style.

7. Installing A Bike Rack 

Adding a bike rack or carrier to a Jimny roof rack serves a twofold purpose – facilitating bike transportation and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. There are various bike rack models to choose from, each with its unique design that may give a personal touch to your Jimny. 

Some racks have a modern design with clean lines and a basic shade of color that compliments Jimny’s adventurous style, while others have vibrant colors or patterns that give a pleasant aspect. Bicycle racks designed like animals or surfboards may be a good conversation starter and add a bit of fun to your car.


Decorating your Jimny roof rack may be a creative and entertaining way to personalize your car and make it stand out in outdoor activities. From adding a rooftop tent or kayak carrier to displaying flags or creating a rooftop garden, there are endless possibilities to make your Jimny uniquely yours. 

By decorating your roof rack in a way that reflects your personal style and interests, you can make your car functional and a statement piece.