It is true that the quest to achieve brings wealth along with the victory. Generally, it is anhonourable thing for a person to be called as the richest in life. To join that list of richest. Theperson needs a lot of effort, intelligence and logical mind. After becoming the richest by earningeverything.

The word ‘Richest’ will bring all the facilities to the person without any search. Honour, dignity inthe people around. Likewise, not just one. No need to mention especially that the qualification ofbeing richest is favourable to have all types of accesses. While the word ‘richest’ itself has somuch greatness.

Currently the estimated ​Jeff Bezos Net Worth​ is 190 Billion Dollar.

Then no need to say especially how the person who has been called as the richest in the worldwill be honoured in the society and across the world. Now, with the highest revenue earnedacross the world. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is the world’s richest person.

Bezos began his career as a normal engineer who overcame several difficulties. How did heacquire victory establishing Amazon? Several interesting facts about his life journey. How washis success journey? How did he become the world’s richest man at last?

Jeff Bezos

I am going to show you such things in this video. Before knowing the achievements of JeffBezos. Let us see how his life journey started. Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1964, inAlbuquerque, New Mexico. Jeff’s mother Jackie gave divorce from her husband when he wasless than a year. Meanwhile, when the grandfather of Bezos was a regional director of the U.S.Atomic Energy Commission in Albuquerque. He retired early and came to his favourite ranch inCotulla. There Jeff Bezos spent his childhood along with his grandfather. Jeff Bezos did a fewinteresting things when he was in the cradle. When he tried to remove the bolts of the cradleusing the screwdriver.

Mother Jackie who saw his attempt was surprised and stopped him. So Jeff has improved histechnical knowledge since childhood. When Jeff was born, his mother, Jackie, who was ateenager married Miguel Bezos after some time. As Miguel was an engineer for Exxon andmoved the family to Houston… Jeff also lived with them and spent his entire childhood inHouston. Bezos who was very active since his childhood used to show more interest towardsscience. To avoid the other members of his family from disturbing his science experiments whenthey come to his room. Jeff Bezos received appreciation as he prepared an electrical alarm athis childhood itself.

Jeff conducted several experiments using the garage at home as his laboratory. After his fatherwent to Florida for the job, he studied in Miami Palmetto Senior High School there. When hewas studying in the high school, he used to participate in the Student Science Training Programat the University of Florida. Jeff won a Silver Knight Award in 1982

Then he joined Princeton University to study physics. As he had interest in computer science.Even though he thought about studying Physics… He returned to the Computer ScienceDepartment. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and computerscience. Graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Jeff Bezos was awarded anhonorary doctorate in Science and Technology from Carnegie Mellon University in 2008.

Jeff Bezos has done hard work for building up his empire. There is no Doubt that Jeff Bezos isthe richest person who has grown up working hard for his Dreams. His major Company AmazonLeads the Retail Market in most of the Developing and Developed Countries.

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