IVF with Donor Eggs Cost in India

IVF with Donor Eggs

An IVF with donor eggs is a process that helps a woman get pregnant even if she has very low quantity as well as the quality of eggs. Using donor eggs is becoming common nowadays, and the IVF process with donor eggs is not much different in comparison to traditional IVF treatment. Egg donors were needed by women who had premature ovarian failure, or else they reached menopause before the age of 40. Mainly in these two cases, women would need an egg donor to get pregnant. Premature ovarian failure is rare and affects not more than one percent of the female population. In this case, the ovaries cease to function as the egg reserves of the woman are completely depleted. With egg donation as an infertility treatment, numerous couples have become parents with assistance. In this procedure, a couple may choose all about the woman donating eggs like to know the identity of the woman and vice versa, else another option is also open that the parties may choose to remain anonymous. A woman can have eggs from a younger sister, niece, or friend who is ready to donate.

About a donor and a receiver

Egg donation is an IVF fertility treatment used by women who are unable, due to many reasons to use their own eggs to get pregnant. In egg donation, IVF specialist uses eggs that have been donated by an egg donor. In the process of egg donation, the woman giving her eggs is called the donor, and who is receiving the fertilized eggs is called as the recipient.

About the egg donation process

Egg donation is the IVF procedure by which a younger woman gives eggs i.e., ova, oocytes to another person to assist reproduction so that the recipient of the eggs can have a baby with her partner or else by using donor sperm. the entire process involves retrieving eggs from women who have normal ovaries, and after that, the eggs are fertilized in the in vitro fertilization lab utilizing the sperm from the receiving couple’s partner under specific conditions with donor sperm. After this fertilization procedure in the lab and waiting for the growth of embryos for three to four days, the resulting embryos will be transferred to the uterus of women who want to get pregnant. If the pregnancy establishes in the first attempt, the woman will carry the developing baby through the full term of pregnancy as well as childbirth.

Who is a candidate for IVF with donor eggs

There are many reasons to choose IVF with donor eggs like the intended mother’s ovaries are not capable of producing enough eggs for regular IVF Or intended mother’s ovaries are completely absent. It is also the best option for a gay male couple who wants to have a child. Egg donor IVF may be required or recommended in any of the following situations:

In case a woman wants to get pregnant post-cancer treatment

  • A woman born without her ovaries
  • Repeated canceled IVF treatment
  • Age-related infertility
  • Genetic disease risk
  • Gay male couple
  • A single male with a surrogate

Risks linked with Egg Donor IVF

IVF with donor eggs has the same risks that are through conventional IVF treatment. There are many risks involved, and every woman should know:

  • Developing ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome i.e., OHSS
  • A donor may later regret the decision to donate her eggs
  • Conceiving a multiple pregnancies

How Much Does IVF with donor eggs Cost in India?

IVF with donor eggs Costs in India Ranges between USD 4500 to USD 6000. Females with age less than 35 years have the success rate of about 55 to 60%, while females older than 35 years, the success rate is usually 40 to 45%.

About frozen egg banks

Nowadays, many frozen egg banks have become available. If these frozen eggs are used in the IVF process, then the egg recipient does not have her cycle synchronized with the donor’s cycle as these eggs have already been retrieved. Using frozen eggs reduces the cost of the cycle, and in the process, fewer fertility drugs are required. It may also shorten the time required for the cycle and will even less medical management too. However, The success rate of IVF with frozen donor eggs is still not specified but seems to be the same as success rates with fresh donor eggs. For now, this is new for everybody, but the usage of frozen donor eggs seems to be growing with time.

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