Is AngularJS all about writing less codes?


AngularJS is a JavaScript framework used by businesses across the world. Being an open source framework, it is used extensively for the web apps. The framework came into the market in the year 2009. Basically, the main use of AngularJS is to build dynamics web applications. It is a structural framework which has been used for the making of the applications. AngularJS isn’t very different from the other frameworks, but at the same time, it is not even very similar to the other frameworks. It has some special or unique features that make it a top choice of the industry. AngularJS does much more than building the MVC architecture. It is preferred extensively over other frameworks as it is used to build strong single page apps.

Increasing popularity of AngularJS

The demand of web applications in increasing day by day. The main reason behind this massively increasing web applications is the fact that the use of smartphones is growing like anything. The businesses across the world are now interested in developing web applications, as they know that the demand of such apps is higher. And, if they want to sustain the market, then they would need to have a web application.

Therefore, for building a web application, you need to use one of the JavaScript frameworks and AngularJS is one of them, like Ember, Knockout etc. Though, AngularJS has turned out to be a favorite of the world because of a host of reasons. One of the key factors leading to the success of the framework is the fact that it is easy to understand and use. It is not very complicated, and thus, even the beginners like to learn it. Also, there is no doubt about the fact that it offers tons of advantages and we will talk about a few of the top advantages in this article. Being a highly advanced script, this framework works with HTML. Thus, the developers would be able to enhance the performance. At the same time, it also streamlines the overall UI development process. Starting from the planning and development to the testing stage, the wholeprocess is quite simple.

Less coding with AngularJS

AngularJS developers india use an architecture which is designed to limit the line of coding. A fabulous combo of both MVC, which is also known as the Model-View-Controller and MVVM, which is known as Model-View-ViewModel helps the developers to code quickly. The developers mostly only divide the codes into the different MVC components. And, later on, AngularJSautomatically offers the MVC pipeline. The outcome of this is that the time of coding is reduced massively. Hence, less line of codes are required. As a result, you would be able to build a very strong web application without actually writing a lot of codes. Isn’t that fantastic? But that’s not the only benefit of using AngularJS. There are several other fantastic benefits as well and we will talk about a few of them in this article.

Reasons to choose AngularJS:

Ease of understanding

AngularJS is preferred over the other JavaScript frameworks because of a lot of reasons. One of the most prominent reasons is that it is a very easy framework. You won’t really have to spend a lot of time on either understanding or learning it. At the same time, it is quite easyto manage and maintain as well. The simplicity of JavaScript framework is the talk of the town. And, it is also one of the reasons why it is a hot favorite especially amongst the newbies. Also, the framework offers a whole lot of additional advantages.

Testing is a piece of cake with AngularJS

If the web applications or any other application or technical product has to be successful, then the makers would have to perform various tests. The tests or the quality checks are done to make sure that the applications are fit for the end user. Also, the tests avoid any negative feedback or a complaint from the end user. At the end of the day, no developer or the company who is making a tech product likes to hear a lot of complains. Therefore, apps are tested rigorously. And, if you choose to use AngularJS, then testing will be quick and easy. You would be able to make easily testable applications via AngularJS.Both end to end and unit testing could be done without stress. Also, the process of debugging will be quite smooth. You can use various testing tools, like Protractor to make sure that the product is fit for the market.

The much talked about user interface

Declarative UI makes AngularJS a favorite of many. With the help of HTML, you would be able to easily describe anything and everything that is going on in the application. And, then, Angular directives are used as they enable the engineers to understand the outcome of the UI more clearly. The developers only glance through the JavaScript as well as the HTML components in order to get the required knowledge about the user interface.Therefore, the developers are able to make much moreengaging and flexible UIs, all because of thereadable directive. The developers will be empowered to spend more time on the making of the UI. Thus, they will be able to curate interactive user interfaces for the applications.

Apart from the advantages listed above, there is definitely a lot that AngularJS has to offer to the developers. One of the major things is that the framework is simple and not very complicated. At the same time, other features like data binding etc. Make it a favorite choice of the business. Therefore, there is no doubt about the fact that there are tons of benefits of using AngularJS, much more than just the possibility of writing lesser codes for development. Though, initially, you may have to spend some time in understanding AngularJS to the fullest, but it will be totally worth it as the demand of the framework will continue to grow due to a host of reasons.

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