5 Signs and Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

iron deficiency symptoms

Due to the lack of a balanced nutritional diet, many of us are suffering from the problem of iron deficiency. If we don’t consume sufficient amounts of iron in our daily diet it can lead to malfunctioning of several regular functions of the body and can also result in anemia.

Anemia is the condition when there is a scarcity of the RBCs i.e. red blood cells take place in the body. The main function of these cells is to carry the oxygen to every organ and their deficiency can result in many health problems. The iron supplements for adults play a vital role in protecting them from this chronic disease anemia. They help in fulfilling the iron deficiency, increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood, and work positively towards the well-being of the individual.

Many people are not able to recognize the deficiency of iron in the initial stage and get in great trouble later on. It is better to note the symptoms of the iron deficiency in advance so that you can take the safety measure in advance, instead of becoming prey to anemia.

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency -:

Here are the major symptoms of iron deficiency -:

Excessive Hair Loss -:

Excessive hair loss is the symbol of anemic. When the roots of hairs do not get enough oxygen then the cells which stimulate the hair growth and repair stops functioning. And this results in hair fall, a person suffering from this problem loses more than 200 hairs per day. And the regrowth of the hair will not start until the anemia is not treated.

Soreness of the Tongue and Mouth -:

The low level of myoglobin due to deficiency of iron can also cause swelling and soreness in the tongue. Myoglobin is the protein that is present in RBCs and supports the muscles that build up the tongue. Also, insufficient iron intake results in cracks on both sides of the mouth.

Skin Paleness -:

Skin paleness, specifically around some areas such as the lower inner eyelid, nails, etc. also represents the deficiency of iron.

The hands, lips, inner mouth of many children appear pale in color, this is due to the low levels of hemoglobin, which gives the reddish color to the skin. Doctors recommend liquid iron supplements for kids who suffer from such problems. When the area inside the bottom of your eyelid becomes lighter than your skin tone it is better to start taking iron supplements.

Unusual Tiredness and Fatigue -:

When Red Blood Cells are not able to transport the oxygen properly to every organ of the body, then the person feels unusual weakness and frequent fatigue. An iron-deficient person always needs adequate rest, otherwise, he/she is not able to do even the routine household chores.

If you also feel weak, irritable, or breathless, then you should contact the physician or take a hemoglobin test to check its level in the blood.

Generally, normal hemoglobin level in females is between 12-16 g/dL, in males, it’s between 14-18 g/dL, and in children, it should be between 11 to 13 g/dL.

Pica -:

It is an eating disorder that is also developed due to less consumption of iron. This gives rise to the craving for non-nutritional items such as dirt, clay, chalk, paint, glue, etc.

A Final Word -:

If you noticed any of the above symptoms in you or any of your family members, then you should start taking iron supplements as soon as possible. They are available in various forms such as liquid, beverages, capsules, gelly, etc, you can choose anyone according to your need or preference.

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