9 ways IQF fruit suppliers boost your bottom line


Individually quick frozen foods (IQF) have revolutionized the food industry. They’ve changed the cooking process and helped in saving a lot of time and money. IQF foods are foods that have been frozen separately, and each piece is separated from the other. This has an advantage over traditionally Frozen Food because they do not end up being frozen as a block, but are separate pieces. This helps in retaining the texture and makes it very easy to work with. This is mostly used for peas, green beans, blueberries, strawberries, etc.¬†Given below are 9 ways IQF frozen fruits suppliers can help in boosting your bottom line.

Preserves quality

Gone are the days when you got Frozen Food that was mushy and had altered taste. IQF food suppliers help in preserving the quality of your food and make sure it is fresh and has the same texture. 

Cost friendly

IQF foods are very cost-friendly. This is because fresh fruit is difficult to store and can go bad real quick. IQF foods can be frozen for a long time, and they won’t spoil easily. This also helps save time on the transportation of fresh fruits.

Available all time

Using IQF foods means you get frozen foods throughout the year. This means even seasonal fruits and delicacies that have been frozen with the IQF technique are available throughout the year. This is cost-effective and helps in giving a variety to your menu.

Makes delicious dishes

With IQF foods you can make several delicious dishes and these all will give you a cutting edge in business. It is are easier to prepare and store and all the dishes prepared to taste delicious. It also has the same taste, flavor, and texture as the original fresh food. 

Customer wellness and health

Other than the business part, IQF foods help in ensuring customer wellness and health. Many times because of improper storage conditions, most foods start losing their nutrient value and safe properties. With IQF foods, you get foods that are very nutritious and frozen at peak ripeness. This means you get nutrition-dense foods that benefit your customers as well and ensure they get to good health.

Large quantity inventory buying

IQF foods allow you bulk buying.  This means you do not have to worry about contacting the distributor each time when the stocks go out. You can easily buy in bulk, which will last for months. 

Easy to store

IQF foods are very easy to store. You need not pack them in different ziplock bags like other frozen foods. Food distributors give you storage bags that help in optimizing the space and utilizing it for maximum functionality.

Order customization

IQF foods allow customization. This means if you want to use a special blend of foods for your restaurant, you can get it customized and get the packets of the same. This ensures there is very high flexibility, and you can get whatever you want in bulk. This will save you a lot of revenue and time that is spent on ordering from different distributors.

Cuts down on packaging

IQF foods allow cutting down on expenditure on the packaging. Since they are very easy to store, you do not need to transfer them into other containers when storing them. This helps cut down on non-sustainable packaging materials. 

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