Now a day, everybody wants to approach watching TV channels on android smartphones. exactly, there is IPTVupdated APK 5.1.12 (1052), that is very helpful in watching different TV channel easily at smartphones. Alexander Safonovdeveloped this app and added in the video player and editor category across Google Play. this app achieved 4.0 rating points in Google Play.WhatsApp status also advertises these channels. since this ranking is not much because this app is needed to get more interest in people. In IPTV apk in this article, we are going to provide a list of IPTV APK 2019. these are:

List of IPTV APK 2019:

IPTV is explained as multimedia assistance like television, ‌video, audio, ‌text, graphics, data transferred over IP located networks conducted to give the demanded level of standard of service and experience, interactivity and reliability and security. With Free IPTV APKandwith the help of Android devices like Android Smart Phones, Firestick or further Android devices, you can get the facility of live TV. There are a lot of Free IPTV APKs in the world and they are amazing as some are working while some of them are repaid because they will be online near.


AOS TV is a good IPTV Android application providing a lot of advantages to the clients. The important point regarding this APK is that its content is streamed from the international level. Hence you can approach the maximum content provided as TV channels throughout the world.


  • There are Many Sports Channels available.


  • Not many Channels from all over the world


V-Sat also called Virtual Satellite channels TV. This channel is live broadcasted of Premium TV channels on APK devices.


  • There are many channels from all over the world.


  • There is just a famous sports channel available.


OLA TV is very famous and most liked fora long time and this is updated regularly by developer but when it is being updated APK is offline.


  • Content of All over the world is available.
  • You have to just click the adverts and watch content.


  • APK has too many adverts.
  • during updates, APK stops working.


Mr. Z IPTV also a favorite and most-watched channel, it is also updated after some time regularly. But when updated APK is turned off.


  • world content is available.
  • Adverts are clicked to watch the channel.


  • in the APK there are many adverts.
  • During updating APK is stopped.


It was called UKTVNOW in past, you can watch live TV channels without any cost on your Android Phone or Tablet with the help of TVTAP Pro v2.8. it is a good experience of watching TVTAP and it covers all leagues and PPV events as well.


  • It covers many Sports and Lives TV famous channels.


  • when channels go down it takes much time for updating.


This is the only APK that provides movies Search and Live TV as well. We can say that this APK is all in one.


APK is always updated and many channels are available from all over the world. 


This APK only applicable on Android devices and mostly required a list to be loaded and cleared for live updated content.

There are classified ads who advertise these IPTV APK to make a way to earn money.

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