iphone 11

Apple’s iPhone has gone “pro” for its 11th iteration, with dramatically improved cameras and longer battery life, that build the smaller iPhone 11 pro the king of additional manageable phones.

The iPhone 11 price Begins With 132,999. The iPhone 11 pro is one in all a rare breed: a premium flagship smartphone that doesn’t have a ginormous screen and is so tiny by today’s standards.

Everything is relative, of course. The iPhone 11 Pro’s 5.8in screen is significantly larger than the 4in iPhone SE, however compared with the monsters of the trendy smartphone era with their 6.5in-plus screens the iPhone 11 pro is absolutely pocket-size.

iPhone 11 Pro 

The iPhone 11 Pro is actually the same on the outside as the mould-breaking iPhone X from 2017, with a stainless-steel and glass body, Face ID notch and 5.8in screen.

The new phone is zero.4mm taller, 0.5mm wider, 0.4mm thicker and 11g heavier than the iPhone XS that came before it, however you’d be very hard pressed to inform, even side-by-side. whereas the 188g weight is fairly significant compared with rivals, the rest of the scale compare favorably, creating the iPhone 11 pro one of the best of devices to pocket, hold and use with one hand

Iphone 11

iPhone 11 Pro Max

The biggest, costliest new smartphone from Apple is the iPhone 11 pro max, and you’ll need a little fortune to shop for it.

The new 6.5in iPhone 11 pro max price Starts With 208,999 and is in impact its smaller 5.8in iPhone 11 pro sibling place in an exceedingly duplicator with a twelve-tone system magnification applied.

It has the precise same aluminum and glass style, identical notched screen with Face ID, the same camera arrangement on the rear and the same Lightning port within the bottom. it’s the same phone. Except that enlarging everything (apart from thickness) by 10%-12% creates a very different experience.

Iphone 11 Pro Max

Excellent cameras

You can argue that having 3 cameras on the rear of your top-of-the-line smartphone is table stakes in 2019. And simply having tons of cameras doesn’t result in the phone having the ability to require smart photos. Apple forever has excellent cameras on its phones. For this one, chief marketing officer Phil writer doubled down on the quality of the camera by declaring that the “Pro” part of the name relates to however smart its cameras are.

Three 12-megapixel cameras, as well as a telephoto lens that enables for 2x zoom, and a brand new ultra-wide-angle camera, will produce photos with a 120-degree field of view. It makes for a few pretty dramatic shots:

Great video options

The powerful A13 Bionic chip that powers the iPhone 11 pro max is over capable of shooting extraordinarily high-quality 4K videos at sixty frames per second. Even one thing as random as tossing fish around Seattle’s Pike Place market looks fabulously smooth:

Excellent battery life

One of the most common complaints with every new iPhone launch is that Apple has listed thinness for battery life. Not this time

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