8 Investment Opportunities to Look out for in 2022

investment opportunities

2021 kicked off with a series of restrictions that greatly affected traditional investment forms. Most businesses were forced to shut their doors while others had to scale down on their operations, lowering the return on investments. However, the launch of a vaccine breathed new life to investment prospects, with people seeking alternative investment opportunities. One of the most resilient investment options is the stock market. This article is focused on some of the best investment opportunities you can consider in 2022.

1. High-yield Savings Account

Over the years, technology has advanced the traditional banking system to provide people with online banking solutions. This has also provided people with a unique investment opportunity. This is because online savings accounts and cash management accounts are designed to offer better returns compared to traditional checking and saving accounts. 

investment opportunities

These accounts are an ideal choice for people looking to save money for a short period and need to access the funds occasionally. Cash management apps offer clients flexibility with higher interest rates making it one of the best investment opportunities for 2022.

2. Government Bonds

A government bond is a form of loan from you to the government that pays you interest over some time, mostly between one to thirty years. These bonds are also referred to as fixed-income security due to their steady payments stream. Government bonds are arguably one of the best long-term investments with little to no risk on the investor. This investment opportunity is common among conservative investors, mostly those nearing retirement since they don’t require a lot of market research and are hardly influenced by market trends.

3. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular discussions in the business world, with several entities looking to adopt it as an accepted form of payment. This form of currency entered the market more than a decade ago and has received many positive reviews. Increased adoption of these alternative currencies has made them one of the best alternative investments to consider in 2022. Keep in mind that the value of these currencies is influenced by market forces, just like traditional currencies. This can be a credible investment to diversify your portfolio with proper research.

4. Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities with a high return on investment. One of the driving forces behind this industry is the increasing population and rising property rates. However, joining the real estate industry as a single investor can be costly. However, there are several backdoors you can use to enter the expensive real estate market. 

One of the best ways to venture into real estate is through a legally recognized business trust such as Delaware Statutory Trust, DST. This way, you can review DST properties for sale, allowing you to invest appropriately. Investing with firms such as DST gives you access to high-grade real estate investments that would otherwise be too expensive to invest in.

5. NFTs

NFTs are among the least known investment opportunities with a high return on investment. This opportunity is relatively new compared to other forms of investment with the potential of explosive success. The only challenge is finding NFTs that can deliver on its promise. It’s advisable to research your NFTs before investing your money.

6. Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities

Most investors favor TIPS as a way of cushioning their portfolios against inflation. Despite the low-interest rates, this is a safe investment opportunity. This is because your principal investment is adjusted to meet the prevailing inflation rate per the Consumer Price Index. This is a good opportunity if you are looking to keep money you won’t need until the bond’s maturity.

7. S&P 500 Index Fund and ETF

Exchange-traded funds and index funds are among the best ways to diversify your investment portfolio. Stocks are usually volatile and can rise or fall at any time; however, owning a share in an equity firm with stocks in multiple firms can help spread the risk. This is also an excellent way to buy stock into large companies and corporations without investing individual capital.

8. Dividend Stock Funds

Investing in stocks is one of the most popular ventures, known for its high returns. However, it may be best to put your money in stocks that pay dividends. This way, you can get a share of the company profits, which is often remitted on a quarterly basis.


Before investing, it’s advisable to do adequate research and understand the market. This way, you can avoid making financial decisions that could result in losses.

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