Know The Major Changes In V3Cube’s Uber Clone App Script

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Uber Clone Script Has Improved UI/UX

Uber Clone’s user interface has been enhanced to be more responsive and speedy. A comprehensive tech support team is available to address any issues you may have with the solution. As a result, revenue increases and new business opportunities for acquiring new clients become available.

It Supports Multiple Currencies and Languages 

English and the USD American Dollar are among the 10 languages and currencies supported by the app. As a result, your launch will go smoothly wherever you want to perform taxi business around the world.

It Has Multiple Payment Gateways

It is critical to provide multiple payment methods for your users in order to provide more payment flexibility. We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. We specialise in a variety of payment gateways to make every transaction as simple as possible.

Book Taxi with iWatch App 

Allow people to arrange taxi rides directly from their Apple smartwatches. All the user has to do is download the Taxi Booking App to their iPhones, and the app will be downloaded to their smart watches instantly. The name and photo of the driver will appear on the iWatch screen once the ride has been booked.

The Latest Advanced Features Of Uber Clone Taxi Explained 

Restricts driver’s fraud

We’ve included a new feature that prevents the Driver from marking the Ride as “Arrived” until he’s within X meters/feet of the Rider’s Pickup Location. We’ve received reports regarding drivers marking rides as “Arrived” even though they’re miles away from the pickup location in order to charge more from the users/riders. 

Location-based Promo Code

The App Owner sends Location wise promo codes using this feature. It allows the admin to geo-fence particular location that it wish to target to get desired results.

Covid19 Safety Features

This includes things like face mask inspections, safety checklists, passenger limits, and ride cancellations, among other things.

OTP Verification

Before starting the ride, the driver will verify the OTP from the user.

Graphical Status Of The Ride

 An in-app notification offers real-time status in graphical form illustrating the whereabouts of the taxi driver including ETA to reach the destination.

Cookie Consent

It informs the user that cookies are being used by asking for their permission.

Location-wise Push-notifications

The administrator can send mass push alerts to users in a certain location, targeting specific users.

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