Invest 505 Review

I have been a trader for more than 10 years now and in this time, I have met thousands of people who want to trade. Some of them are still at the beginning stages while others have become even better than me. The one thing that I always see them talking about is choice. Choices are very important for traders regardless of how many years they have spent trading and I think this Invest 505 review will introduce you to a broker that really believes in that.

It offers you more choices than most other companies out there and I can say that based on my experience. Whether you want to open a trading account or want many assets to trade, you will get all the choice you need. Let’s dive into the review to know more.

Hundreds of Assets Available

Let’s begin by talking about its asset index wherein you will have hundreds of choices to choose from. There are many other companies that offer you plenty of assets for trading, but I haven’t seen many with asset indexes this huge. You have tradable instruments coming from many markets and each market you enter will have plenty of options for you. Are you interested in trading cryptocurrencies? Do you want cryptocurrencies other than Ethereum and Bitcoin? Of course, you will have many crypto coins available for trading in addition to these big ones.

Furthermore, you can step into the forex currency pairs market and pick from major and minor ones. There are other more volatile options available as well in the form of exotic pairs. If that’s not enough, you can trade precious metals, oil, gas, and many agricultural assets too. Last but not least, you might also want to try your skills in trading indices.

The Trading Account Choices

This is yet another area where Invest 505 was able to astonish me with the choices it offers to its traders. I have seen many brokers in my life and I have reviewed hundreds of them. I can tell you that when they offer 5 trading accounts, it’s already considered quite awesome. If they can offer you 6, you will feel that you don’t need anything better. However, Invest 505 goes another step ahead and offers you 8 different trading accounts to choose from. The microscopic differences in these accounts types are just what you need to begin trading with something that perfectly suits you as a trader.

One of the biggest differences in these accounts is the amount you will have to spend to activate each. You have the basic trading account starting with just $250. However, the next account on the list, which is called the Bronze account, requires you to spend at least $10,000 to activate it. It keeps going higher until you reach the most advanced trading accounts that require you to spend $1 million to activate them.

The Money Transfer Choices

The choices you get from Invest 505 are not limited to this only. You will get plenty of choices when it comes to transferring money back and forth from and to your online trading account. Firstly, keep in mind that in adherence to the AML policy, if you use a certain method for depositing funds in your account, you will be required to use the same method for withdrawing funds. You can deposit funds using multiple methods, including bank wire transfer and credit card. You can also use various online payment methods. The broker will not charge you any commissions for these transfers that you have to make frequently.

Final Thoughts

At this point, I know you have no doubts about the choices offered on this platform. Invest 505 has emerged as one of the most trader-friendly platforms because of the choices it gives in terms of account types, deposit methods, and assets for trading. If you think diversification matters in trading, you should definitely check out this platform.

By Anurag Rathod

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