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The Internet Today

Have you ever met someone who says they have not yet used the internet or are completely unaware of what it is? Well, there could hardly be anyone this ignorant of the present era, but if you do come across someone with this statement, kindly run for your life as it is impossible. Internet is no longer a fashion, a luxury or a particular desire for having something done successfully, whereas, it is a basic need of today.

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You probably cannot imagine one day without the internet as it keeps you connected within your social circle, be it related to your employment, family, educational environment, etc. We all need the internet which can be cross-verified through our aggressive behaviour when we find out that the internet server or our modems are down.

Imagine having a complete breakdown of the global internet supply, the world would become a zombie land pretty soon. But, what is important to understand, is the fact that the internet has several positive uses which is the major reason why it is an important part of our life. It has successfully managed to minimise physical distances between people, considering an initiative to valuing relationships in our practical life.

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Internet Has Connected Long-Haul Met Individuals Together

We all have one or the other of our close acquaintances living abroad for a long time. Going back to the early days, when there was nothing else except landlines to communicate, making a long-distance call was a challenge that none of us was willing to accept as it was surrounded by the element of affordability. Unless there was an emergency and it could be communicated within seconds, we have not witnessed any of our parents or grandparents making international calls.

However, communication and interaction are the key initiatives to retaining relationships, especially if they are situated across borders. However, technology has always made life easier and ever since the internet was introduced, it allowed social communication effectively and efficiently between individuals and groups, depending on the efficacy of the connection.

Sending important messages, greetings or even talking to someone through the chatting approach was made possible in the early 21st century, with the blessings of the internet. We all made our e-mail accounts on popular platforms including Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. communicating with our loved ones at any time of the day without worrying about the cost of communication, which was almost minimal as it had to be paid monthly in the form of an economic package subscription.

However, things have changed significantly as of now. You no longer need to communicate through typing long messages and emails and the need to attach pictures has been overtaken by modern technology capable of running through high-speed internet facilities of today. You can use different smart applications such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Messenger, Google Duo, Skype, etc. to interact with your loved ones through a voice or video call placed from account to account over your IP. With this approach, the physical distance seems transparent for a moment as high-speed internet services of today, such as 4G and 5G are as smooth as running water, allowing you to encounter a real-life experience.

Why Do Some People Believe that Internet has Separated Them Apart?

Despite some of the key benefits highlighted earlier which have played a key role in bringing people together through efficient and flaw-less communication and interaction approaches, there still are a majority of people who disagree with the fact that the internet has bought everyone closer. Rather, they believe that the internet is one major reason why emotional distances between people have increased.

It is true and is a bitter truth. We all are a part of this situation caused by none other but us. Spending time with family is not compulsory, it is necessary. Sadly, when we aim to spend some time with them and travel to a favourite restaurant to have dinner together, we hardly talk for about 10 minutes and then all screens in the hall light up and silence follows. We would be interested in clicking family pictures and uploading them for our social circles to see artificial smiling faces, yet deep down there remains something missing, and that is your real attention.

Internet is not taken as a need any more whereas it has turned out to be a critical addiction. Those of us who are highly indulged in social media and its trends, can understand this statement better and we not only need to understand it but we need to stand together and do something positive about it.

Hence, everything in our life should be balanced whereas communicating with those situated far can often create distances with those living close.

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