The best international schools in Hyderabad


School is an establishment of acquiring knowledge under the supervision of experienced and expert teachers. The term school is obtained from a Greek word indicating “a group to whom lectures are given”. The thought of grouping pupils and systemizing school education has predominated in ancient Greece, Rome, India and China. In early India, academies prevailed in the form of Gurukuls. Hyderabad a historical city of India, possesses numerous schools of different types. Some are government schools, some are government-aided schools, some provide national curriculum like CBSE, ICSE, State boards, etc whereas some provide the international curriculum. An international school is an educational establishment giving universal education in a global environment either by executing an international curriculum or a national curriculum. Several of the Best International Schools in Hyderabad are among the top-grade schools in India. In these international schools, the learners are moulded by their mentors to shine in life and face the highly competing and rapidly developing world outside. These international schools with superb facilities nourish aspiring minds to evolve into a capable citizen of the world. It offers a precise and comprehensive eduction where different languages and cultures are taught that enables kids to become global citizens.

The international school market has experienced huge extension across the preceding years with the number of international schools rising in leaps and bounds worldwide. Among all the international schools in Hyderabad, TATVA GLOBAL SCHOOL is the best. Established in the year 2014, this international school has emerged as one of the finest in a short span. The dedicated educators implant the values of honesty and self-respect into the budding minds. The motto of this international school is to generate global citizens having exceptional ethical standards, outstanding social skills, and dependable nature. The experienced academics of this institution think that the three Cs – concentration, confidence and communication are required to prepare a world-class citizen.

An age-based giant campus with brilliantly designed buildings, ideally suitable for children is the fundamental speciality of this highly acclaimed international school. This school is the winner of the best CBSE campus award for years. The very effective-in-class libraries including the vast central library with a fabulous collection of books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, magazines, newspapers, educational DVDs and many more study materials provide smooth access to pertinent information all the time whenever needed. In the modern and advanced laboratories, the students are guided by the experienced instructors to participate in the practicals, the theory of which has been taught in the classrooms. The sporting facility with a giant swimming pool, various indoor and outdoor games is certainly the best. Physical activities and club activities are mandatory.  The hygienically and freshly cooked meals are provided to the students. The school provides safe, AC transport equipped with GPS.

With wonderful facilities in an outstanding environment, under the guidance of highly dedicated teachers, students mature into responsible individuals with high moral values at TATVA. Therefore, if you want your kid to be a global citizen, then TATVA is your destination. For more information visit

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