Advantages of interior cladding with sound-absorbing wood panels


Today, wood is an indisputable part of the group of materials most used not only in construction, but also in terms of design. The versatility of this material and its properties has made it one of the factors to take into account when it comes to interior design and also acoustic conditioning, two of its two best business cards.

More and more interior designs are opting for the installation of sound-absorbing wood panels with which to offer formidable performance and acoustic conditioning, but also providing great style. This class of panels bring with them a series of important advantages such as those that we are going to list in this article.

What are the advantages of cladding with sound absorbing wood panels?

One of them, and perhaps the best known, is their great acoustic absorption capacity, something widely used in countless interior projects, but not only for homes but also for many other spaces such as restaurants, shops or even music studios or rehearsal places and places where a certain volume of noise can be generated.

Wood is already an excellent acoustic insulator thanks to its sound-absorbing properties, but to this we must add that this class of panels has machining, that is, a special technique focused on achieving different degrees of acoustic absorption. With these panels one of the best acoustic conditionings is achieved, regardless of the space in which they are to be placed.

Another advantage of these panels is that, in addition to their well-known capabilities, they also have an ideal design to adapt to any kind of environment and interior decoration.

They can be found in a large number of different colors, choose a lacquered wood with a certain color and we can even find on the market different options of panels that make up a mural, as if it were a large painting, which is quite an advantage. compared to other trends in acoustic conditioning, boasting a unique design.

This makes it possible to provide a different environment to any corner of the home or business, which is in stark contrast to the alternatives that existed a few years ago, at a time when this sector was more limited and they were betting on modular plates that were made of materials that did not give a good image such as mineral fibers, wood chips, etc.

It should not be forgotten that thanks to the characteristics of this material, we can say that it is ecological, recyclable and renewable since it is generated in a natural way and can even be reusable. It should also be noted that to verify that the wood comes from forests that have been managed in an ecological and sustainable way, many woods have specific certifications, also making it clear that it is a material of the highest quality.

At Gyptech Systems we offer you the best range of products to achieve the best acoustic conditioning in any type of room thanks to our decorative panels that can be installed on a wooden false ceiling. Perfect solutions to protect from noise

We have a wide variety of acoustic and sound -absorbing wood panels that are perfect to install both in false ceilings and wall coverings, without sacrificing style and design.

Most of our products can be found in different textures and lacquered colors on demand. Get the perfect acoustic absorption you need for your business or premises without having to do without a modern design that fits perfectly with the environment.

It is important to add that our wooden acoustic panels are very easy to install and, as a general rule, do not require works or reforms. It has never been so easy to protect from noise, without giving up the most avant-garde design. They are also capable of applying optional treatments to turn them into fireproof and water-repellent materials, as well as being recyclable and being able to wash them without problem.

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