Cricket Game

Cricket is a famous game. There are many followers of cricket. Many fans are there for the cricket and the cricket players. Do you know when the cricket started in the world? The cricket game was started in the 16th century. The first time the cricket played in south-east England. The game became an international game in the 18th century. Before that, the game was played only in England. After that, the game has started in many other countries. The countryside kids generally play games. They will form a team and regularly play on the roadside. Many kids and adults are love to play cricket. The best player and the developer of the cricket are W. G. Grace.

Rules and Regulation

For playing cricket, rules and regulations are there. In a cricket gameeach team will have 11 players. There will be two teams playing the game on the ground. For one run, there will be six balls. If the six balls are over, it is considered being one over. The regulation will be final by the umpire. For the Cricket matches, there is a time limit. In the ground, if you are wasting your time, then you will be considered as a wicket fall. These are the basic rules of cricket. The caption will decide the field position of each player. That will be finalized. The caption will do the field position based on the opponent team. Each team will be having its strategy of playing. Winning the game is a must. 


You can choose a cricket game as a career. You can start at any time. There is no age limit for playing cricket. You have the option of under 19 and under 23 levels. If you are passionate about playing cricket, then you can choose cricket as a career. If you play very well, you can opt for the state and national levels. You can go famous like other cricket stars. The cricket is famous in India due to the Crickets. Many fans following is there for Cricket in India. But the game is not the national game for the country. But the citizen loves cricket. 

There are countries where people do not play cricket. Can you able to imagine? Yes, in many countries, people won’t play a cricket gameZimbabwe, Ireland, Scotland and Afghanistan countries are not playing cricket due to the insufficient amount of cash to host the game. It is not like the country doesn’t wish to play. The money is the difficulty for these countries. The first person who played the game cricket is Jasper Vinall. He played in 1624. In cricket, many test matches happen between the countries and within the countries. The nations play for the world cup. In cricket, they have the father of the cricket and god of cricket. Many best players are there in this game at the national level. 

Apart from real cricket, you can play online cricket games on the websites, and many apps are available for playing the cricket gameYou can play games online. It is the best way for the people who don’t go out to play cricket. Cricket is one of the lovable game by people like football. Most of the people are interested in watching cricket matches. It can be a test match or an IPL match. If you wanted to choose cricket as a career, you could choose. You can earn money if you give your best in the matches and if you are the best player. You can start at your younger age also. No age limit for starting the game. 

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