Tooth Removal

A tooth can get damage from injury, infection, or illness. To avoid more damage, it is better to remove the one. The tooth extraction process causes bearable pain.

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To recover from the wound and to lessen the extraction pain, these are tips that you should follow. Let’s have a look at them so that you get to know about all the precautions.

1. Rest

Lay down with the elevated head for some time after the tooth extraction. Also, to always prevent dizziness, slowly get up from a reclined position.

For the first 24 hours, do not perform any heavy physical activity. Also, for 72 hours you should avoid more exertion. Because it will help the wound to heal in a short time.

2. Bruising and Swelling

Do not worry if your mouth swells because some wounds get swell during the healing process. But if swelling increases and you feel pain or get a fever then immediately consult your doctor.

After the tooth surgery, use an ice pack. It will comfort your wound and reduce swelling. At least for 20 minutes keep the ice pack on your face near to the surgical place. After 24 hours of the surgery, you can apply moist heat if you feel excess pain.

3. Medication

It is good to start your prescribed medication before you feel any swelling or pain. Take all the medicines at a proper time. It is recommended to take a rest after eating the medicine.

Also, some medicines can upset your stomach. To avoid this it is better to eat them while having some light food.

4. Bleeding

In the first 24 hours, after the tooth extraction, it is possible that you have red saliva. But you do not get the heavy blood flow. If you have a blood flow then apply gentle pressure on the surgical area for at least 20 minutes. If still the bleeding does not stop then consult your doctor without wasting more time.

5. Mouth Care

Avoid water interaction with the mouth because it will disturb the healing process. After 3 days of the surgery, gently rinse through the mouth. But be careful for the first seven days that your wound does not interact with the water.

Also, after 24 hours of the surgery, you can start brushing the part which is non-surgical. Moreover, avoid any type of mouthwash until the wound heals completely.

6. Eating

It is better to eat soft foods in the first week of tooth extraction. You can have foods like fish, boiled eggs, pasta, yogurt, boil vegetables, pudding, and soup.

After the surgery avoids extra hot, cold, and spicy foods. Because if you have any of them, you will feel irritation on the wound and it starts paining. Eat food according to proper balance and avoid crunchy foods because they can be stuck in the wound.

7. Smoking

If you are a smoking addict, then stay away from it until your wound is recovered completely. Because if you smoke after the tooth extraction then it can cause bleeding, infection, and a lot of pain by disturbing the healing process of a wound.


It is important to follow each precaution to recover the wound in a short time. All the best doctors guide you about these tips so that you can take good care of your wound.

If you are a foody person then try to avoid spicy food at least for a week. Because the spices in the food will irritate the wound and it will automatically cause pain. Make a proper diet chart for a week that contains all soft food with less spice.

Take all your medicines at a proper time to avoid infection. It is considered better to take medicine with a stomach so that it will not react and cause stomach infection. Try to avoid all the chemical mouthwash until the wound is fully recovered. 

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